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    Hoping someone has had success with a similar issue.  I have 5 phones on an account plus a couple data devices.  Two of the phones, mine and my wifes, have incorrect caller id information.  If I call a land line phone that has caller ID service the name that comes up is the name of my previous employer.  If my wife calls her number comes up as my name.  The phones we've tried this on are not phones where we're a contact, so it's not related to an incorrect contact.  It happens when we call any phone that displays caller id info and where we are not a contact. Obviously if we're a contact it displays the name associated with our number.  While I haven't dug into the carrier's which we're calling, it seems to be across any/all, regardless if it's ATT, Century, Cox, etc

    I have been w/ TMO for several years and I'm pretty sure it's been like this the entire time. I have been back and forth with TMO for the last couple years trying to resolve. I reach out, they try a few things, I get disgusted and give up.  A few months later I pick it back up again with no luck.  They've tried resetting, deleting, even just removing the information so it will only show the number.  My wife uses her cell phone for business and it's unprofessional that my name comes up on caller ID when she calls on accounts. For me it's embarrassing and maybe a little suspect that whenever I call my current boss my caller id indicates my previous employer. Probably wondering if I still work for them or if they're paying for my phone...

    As a background on the issue.

    1. My account used to receive a discount as an employee of that previous employer.  But my account is under my name and not a corp account.

    2. Not sure if it's related, but ~1-1/2 years ago I tried to purchase 2 new iPhones directly from Apple and they were unable to sell me a phone.  There was something with my TMO account that prevented them from porting my number to the new phone. It was as if I didn't have the permission to do so, or I had an outstanding equipment balance on the phone.


    I'm about at my wits end.  I hate to move my whole account to another carrier just to resolve a caller id issue.  Anyone ever experience a similar issue?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Incorrect Caller ID

        Caller ID is sort of a weird beast. There are a few different Caller ID databases that feed the info to provider caller IDs, some are great about changes, others entirely ignore even escalations.


        What is strange is you seem to have it happening on all carriers, there's usually at least some that it appears right on as there are different. Do you know if they have done a caller ID escalation for you?



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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Incorrect Caller ID

          Hey there!  I just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a Caller ID escalation entered for you?  As tmo_lauren mentioned, it's unusual for *all* Caller ID systems to show incorrectly. Because there are different vendors that update their information on their own schedules, once we've updated internally, usually the other carriers (including some cable companies, but not all) who use the same vendor as us will show correct information, while some may lag.  If this is still incorrect on all Caller ID systems, we need to make sure our internal information is updated.  Have you had a chance to reach out to double check this on our side yet?


          - Marissa

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            • djpinaz

              Re: Incorrect Caller ID

              Thanks to both of you for the response. Honestly I'm not sure if they've done that. I have not specifically mentioned or requested that, nor have I heard them mention a Caller ID escalation.  The last steps they tried were to update/reset the caller ID info as requested.  The support tech then called me back after a few days to see if I could verify if the changes took place (although I"m not sure how long it would take for databases to reflect the change even if it was successful). I could not see a difference, so then they tried something else with a call back a few days later.  The last thing this support tech tried was to remove the name from the caller id info so it just indicated the number (so possibly "Unknown" for the name). Not what I wanted but I was willing to settle out of frustration. The tech was confident enough that this would work that no follow-up call was scheduled.  However it did not take affect as expected and the names are still coming through as they were originally.

              When I get a chance I can call support again and request a caller id escalation.

            • the_chemist

              Re: Incorrect Caller ID

              You're not alone!


              My outgoing caller ID on T-Mobile displays "Cellphone PA" on all landlines that I call.


              I've contacted T-Mobile about this 4 times in that past 6 weeks (I'm a new subscriber). Each time customer support escalates the issue and they promise to get back to me. Nobody ever contacts me back.


              I'm getting very frustrated with this.


              I also have a new Verizon Wireless account, since I am test driving their network with the new unlimited plan.   Verizon's outgoing caller ID works just fine on all landlines I call.


              In addition, my original cell provider is AT&T.  I still have an active account with AT&T.  Their outgoing caller ID works just fine on all the landlines I call as well.


              My question is, why are both Verizon and AT&T able to have working caller ID and T-Mobile is not?   I just don't get it.


              Apparently nobody at T-Mobile takes this seriously. The last rep from T-Mobile that I spoke to promised to personally follow up on this issue and call me back. It's been 5 days now and no callback yet! 


              I guess next I'll have to contact the office of the president and see if anyone there will take this seriously and follow it through.


              So far I'm not at all impressed with T-Mobile customer service.


              John Legere is changing the industry and building the T-Mobile network at lightning speed, but I can't get his employees to care enough to fix a simple issue!


              This is so frustrating!

                • the_chemist

                  Re: Incorrect Caller ID

                  My caller ID now works correctly. I spoke to a technical T-Mobile rep in one of the call centers who said her name was Kate the Great.


                  Kate got everything resolved. She went the extra mile and followed everything through to get all the settings correct. In addition,  she found that my name was misspelled.


                  Thank you Kate the Great!!!


                  ...and thanks T-Mobile for the free Papa John's pizza!

                • magenta1433269

                  Re: Incorrect Caller ID

                  I am also having this problem,  my caller id shows the other person's name that is on the family plan and I have called Tmobile to change the caller id to show my name 5 times and its still not working.   I am going to call again today and everyday until the problem is resolved.   This happened when I upgraded from the Galaxy S7 to the Galaxy S8.  Any suggestions or ways to fix this would be great.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Re: Incorrect Caller ID

                      Hey, magenta1433269! It's a bummer to read that we haven't been able to fix this for you so far, it sounds like you've definitely given it your best! This is something that we'll need a team with account access to assist with, and we absolutely do want you to reach back out. Are you able to contact our T-Force team through DM on Twitter or PM on Facebook? Through those online channels we can access your account and review the details that need correcting. Since you've reached out for this previously and something's not working with the fix, can you request a Caller ID escalation so that we can make sure that this goes to the appropriate offline team for review? Please keep us posted!


                      - Marissa