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    installed sync up drive and it connected in 90 seconds. It tracked the car using GPS and google maps. It was nice to see that the car moves every 10 seconds on the road. The notifications tell you when the cars starts and ends a trip. It shows highest speed in the trip, idling, braking, and RPMs. The battery indicator shows the battery charge but not really needed unless the battery is very low.

    NO fuel indicator, I would like to know this statistic but this option does not show on the app. The notifications work fine like fence, and  others. The one isssue I ran into is that if it is removed you cannot hookup the car again. It will only hookup as a new car. This is disappointting that  the recorded trips cannot be all under one.  The DTC codes show when there is an issue. Just after installing aftermarket radio DTC code was on for transmission   It help to know that before going to dealer. Car was fixed and codes were removed. When I plugged sync up back in all was well and codes did not come back. 


    Overall on experience with this device.  Recommend for a parent and a new driver in the house.  Works as designed. Only fuel and more responsive GPS would be nice. Take advantage of the free device with T-Mobile paying for it using credits each month.

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        I looked into that device not long ago.  I concluded that it was the same thing as my ELM-327 BT OBD2 ($10) module I have now, that works with Android and my Torque Pro ($5) app.  Both of which are already paid-for ($15,) and do essentially the same thing with codes and GPS.


        I have an iPhone now, so the BT module won't work, though I can get a WiFi module and do the same thing, but that's another purchase of a module and an app.  Also, I have about 3 Androids lying around that I can throw in my glove box and use with the old ELM and use my current phone to look up any codes, or just hotspot the old phone to the new if I need to search for a generic/specific code.


        I would have had no problem going with this program if it didn't cost $10 extra a month for 2 years.  $240 in extra line fees for a $149 module ($15 after taxes and 24 monthly credits of $6.25)