Phone shows it is charging when it is not plugged in


    I am an Android user. I have a Samsung Galaxy On5. I've had it since July 20th 2016. When I plug my phone in to charge, it makes a short vibration and the screen wakes up and shows the little lightning bolt to show it is charging. But just today, my phone has been doing this when not plugged in. At night I power off my phone and plug it in over night. In the morning I unplug it and turn it on and use it throughout the day with no problem. The battery doesn't drain too fast and the phone doesn't overheat unless I'm playing a game that takes a lot of space. I also don't use a battery saving app. But today my phone has been showing that it is charging when it's not plugged in. Then it goes off, then comes back on and repeats this over and over again. So far I have not found a pattern but I want to get this to stop. I've already tried powering off and powering on but I had no luck. Any help I can get is appreciated.

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