What is going to happen to T-mobiles roaming coverage in PA?


    What is going to happen to T-mobile's roaming agreements with AT&T for the state of Pennsylvania? With 2g being shut down and T-mobile lacking native coverage still for most of the central Pennsylvania what is looking to be done? Will customers get to roam on LTE or 4g like with other non AT&T carriers and just be throttled or can I expect there to just be a HUGE coverage gap. I ask because i will soon be moving to University Park which is by Altoona and T-mobile isn't know for strong coverage their from what i heard anyway.


    Also I apologize in advance for this being a very odd and specific question

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      • dragon1562

        so no one has offered any answers to my question just making a comment so it can be seen again

        • dragon1562

          Just making a another post to put this to the top of the thread to be seen. I tried talking to t-mobile support but they didn't seem to understand the question/concerns. I know that t-mobile plans to expand their native coverage throughout my state but in the mean time while their is this transition i would like information on what i should expect. Thank you for your time everyone who views this post.

            • e2k

              Typically, carriers don't discuss details of future developments/deployments. They can tell you what they have, but it is very unlikely that you will be told what to expect and/or when to expect it.

                • dragon1562

                  Thank you for the response. That's a bummer that they can't discuss said topics since its pretty relevant and since T-mobile hasn't really been updating their coverage map to reflect areas that have lost 2g coverage.

                    • tmo_marissa

                      Hey dragon1562 - I certainly hope I can drum up some good news for you, given that your coverage issues were finally resolved after a long wait.  It would be awful if you moved to an area with less than stellar coverage now!  Everything I'm seeing so far on our side suggests that we were supposed to have map updates to reflect the AT&T 2G roaming turndown completed already.  I'm wondering if this means that we already have other roaming partners filling in gaps, or if I need to reach out for clarification on whether that timeline was upheld.  
                      Have you driven through any of the areas you're concerned about since February's start?  Have you noticed any differences?


                      - Marissa

                        • dragon1562

                          I haven't been up there recently. The last time i visited was back in Fall of 2016 around November. Coverage was actually better then i expected back then in terms of T-mobiles native coverage especially when compared to say 2015 and 2014. However I personally didn't have to much trouble with roaming back then in specific locations i was unable to connect but it is now reflected as a change it would seem. I only brought up the question due to the fact that I wanted to get a idea of what i should expect. Plus i also saw specific complaints on Reddit which remained unresolved so i figured why not bring up the discussion here.


                          Thankfully I have friends up there who were kind enough to run some speedtests and just basically record more information about coverage then a person normally would. So i have the gist and its basically that as long as i don't walk to far off campus coverage will be fine. Kind of a bummer but its not that upsetting to me since most Carriers seem to struggle out in the middle part of PA with the exception of Verizon. I really do appreciate the fact that you responded and remembered about my previous posts.


                          Overall though i'm looking forward to when T-mobile can make use of the spectrum they acquired in the most recent auction once that happens it should be much easier to cover PA. It should be noted though that a college like Penn State should get some serious recognition as far as coverage goes its like its own little city after all.



                          If possible though I would like to know what the roaming will look like for the future. As in can we expect to be put on LTE roaming in the future and just be throttled. If you can't answer it is fine but i would like to know for the sake of extra knowledge.

                            • tmo_chris

                              Hey dragon! That was pretty cool of your friends to do those tests for you haha. I know that whenever I move some of the first things I check it the data speeds and how far away I am from the UPS hub (I HATE WAITING FOR PACKAGES!!) 


                              As for the future of roaming, man, that is a tough question to answer as roaming agreements and our own network footprint are changing every day. I can however promise you that if there is an opportunity to expand or upgrade our coverage in a certain area, we will be on it like a fly on... rice lol. I'm sure you have seen our CTO Neville speak about our network, that dude does not let up!

                                • dragon1562

                                  Yes, I follow Neville on Twitter and am super excited for the end of this year because the native coverage is improving drastically in my state and West Virginia which is great. Overall I have been really happy with T-mobile it blows me away what you guys were able to do. Especially since you guys don't have near the amount of resources like the big two. Any who I'm happy because its always improvements i'm seeing never degrading like AT&T has been doing in my market. So yea thank you for reaching out it means alot to me as always.

                      • dragon1562

                        So I decided to look at some old threads that I had made that I never marked correct and wanted to let my fellow Pennsylvanias know that native coverage improved drastically in areas that lack roaming. Good job T-mobile you deserve a solid pat on the back for the good work you have done in my state. There is still much to be done though so don't rest now but I can say I have been quite satisfied by the level of service I am receiving for the price I pay.

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