I use to get internet connection on Cellular One in Yorktown,TX.


    T Mobile has always had a poor signal here (better signal at my house) but I was able connect to the internet on Cellular One when in town.  Since Jan 1 I only have text and talk when I am in town.  What happened and when with they expand coverage, I have been waiting 5 years.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome rick2525 - I'm sorry that we're meeting under these circumstances!  You're not the only one who's been wondering - we have another user here who's been asking about No roaming data connection in LA & TX... as well.  I was able to dig up an answer for him today, and I'm sorry in advance that it's not great news.  It looks like our roaming agreement with Cellular One in parts of LA and TX has actually changed, and no longer includes the ability for our customers to utilize domestic data roaming on their network.

        I wish I could provide you an expansion timeline - it's wonderful and vexing to think that you've been patiently waiting for us to build out coverage in this area for half a decade.  If there are any plans for enhancement in your area, contacting our Tech team and filing a service inquiry is the way to find out.  If there's a future improvement upcoming, when engineering responds to the ticket they'll provide that timeline. 
        In the interim, are you travelling in this area for business or do you have family located here?  Are you able to utilize WiFi as a fix when you're in town? 

        Again, I wish I had better news for you - but I do at least want you to know what's happened so that you're not worried that there's an issue with your device.  Thank you for taking the time to post here, and for your feedback - I can't promise anything, but of course we'll be passing along that there are multiple users who've asked about this coverage change in the Support Community.


        - Marissa