Okay so has anyone had camera issues with the Note 5 after updating to N920TUVU4DPK6?


    Okay so I've owned my 64GB Tmobile Note 5 since it launched (got it two months after it launched) and it's been a GREAT phone for me and as far as I'm concerned it still rocks, even considering the latest hardware out. I had upgraded from the Note 3, which I had rooted and totally customized. I actually have rooted the last 5 phones I owned, which were mostly Samsung S or Note series phones. I prefer the Note series now.


    Now, just to be clear I have not rooted this Note 5 yet. I never really felt the need to at this point, because I've been getting by with the new backup features they added and such. i probably will root it at some point, but so far I just haven't done it.


    So for the first time in YEARS, I'm actually getting the OTA updates. Now everything was working fine with my Note 5's camera since I owned it. I used to have some sound crackling issues with my Note 3 that never went away and that bothered me GREATLY. So this time I spent countless hours testing the camera and mics to make sure it worked properly before I decided to keep my model. Fortunately, the camera has been flawless for video and pictures. No sound crackling whatsoever!


    HOWEVER, literally right after the N920TUVU4DPK6 update, I started having this issue where my camera will just cut out two or three times when I'm trying to use it. The issue is intermittent and I'm unable to reproduce it. It's just random. To be specific, the screen goes black and then comes back on a few times. This doesn't just happen in the default camera app, but ANY app that uses the camera, including SnapChat and FB Messenger. So I know it's a system wide issue. What really irks me is if I'm recording a video and it does it, the recording just stops. This is obviously very annoying and unacceptable.


    Now this could be a coincidental hardware failure, but I find it HIGHLY unlikely the camera would work fine and then exhibit this issue after this update, which is the LAST FW available for the Tmobile Note 5 (they just released a new version, which is N920TUVS4DQA2. I just installed this today).


    I was really hoping this new FW update would address this issue of mine, but it wasn't even meant for anything like that according to the changelog and I already saw my camera flash once so this terrible bug seems to still be there in its ugly glory...


    So here's my question. Has anyone noticed any issues with their camera at all (in all apps) since the last update I listed above? Before that I had NO ISSUES. Appreciate your input.

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