Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch


    My wife is getting a Gear S2 (thanks to the MASSIVE special pricing now in effect!).


    When she gets the watch, I/we want to enable it to duplicate her main phone number.


    She has her own T-Mobile login, and we see the apparent ability for her to sign up for 'one number, multiple devices', but there is no option to select a Gear smartwatch.


    Once the watch is purchased and assigned to her (our account), will that option automagically appear?


    Or will we have other hoops to jump through?

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch

        Maybe a couple of hoops to jump through ;-)


        Is her permissions in > profile > line settings > permissions set to Full Access?

        [If not elevating her to that permission should set her up with the ability to pick the Gear S2 path in the registration flow]


        However, depending on your credit class, the number of lines that you've already requested, the rate plan you are currently on could effect the ability to add an additional line to your account.  That said if there's nothing out of the ordinary, again you should be able to add the line.


        One thing you can do is to add the Gear S2 to duplicate your line (if adding her as full access) doesn't make the option available (there may be some lag time in making that change before it's picked up in all the systems. After it's been provisioned, you can always go to and pick which line you want it to be paired with, so you can switch it to your wife's line.


        Hope this help and thanks for helping out with testing DIGITS!

          • azdreamscape

            Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch

            Well, apparently she has full access.


            We were just looking at her 'Lines I can manage' page, and we discovered she can 'manage' all the lines on our account, including mine!

            The fact that our formerly separate accounts were merged several years ago may have something to do with that.


            I just was told she was set up as a DIGITS user just moments ago! YAY!


            We were just at our local store, and our 'credit class' is five gold stars with diamond cluster (no issues).


            We would have walked out with the (one and only) watch in hand, but it had to be 'taken off' someone else's account who started to buy it, but never came back to finish the process.


            I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow when I actually pick up and pay for the watch.

          • azdreamscape

            Not going well.

            We have the watch, it's really nice!

            The Mrs. has signed up for DIGITS, but isn't being shown the option to include a watch in the program.

            I went ahead and set myself as 'a user' on both her main phone number and the watch's number, but neither number is showing up in the list of numbers when I visit the sign-up page (one number, multiple devices), even after an overnight wait to let the system adjust to the changes.

            I am at a loss as to what step I am missing?

            Looks like a call to the DIGITS hotline is in order...

              • lemmyslender

                I bought a S2 Classic last Friday (with that discount, it was irresistible).  The T-Mobile store added a line and watch to my account. 


                Late Friday evening I went to the DIGITS signup page and requested one number multiple devices, selected the T-Mobile Watch S2/S3 option, and entered the sim number.  I got the initial email within a few minutes, and being the weekend figured it would be Monday before it was switched to a pair-able line.  Tuesday afternoon it still hadn't been switched, so I went to the website and went through adding it again.  Within a couple hours, a new number had been assigned, which I was able to pair through the myDIGITS website.


                However, the initial number did show up on the myDIGITS website.  Does the Mrs have her own login?  (I imagine you checked that as well )

                • tmo_evan

                  Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch



                  Here's what I would do. 


                  First remove your T-Mobile ID from her lines, that will just create other issues later.

                  Next, go to the getDIGITS registration page and login with your T-Mobile ID

                  Select One Number Multiple Devices for "your" primary number

                  Select the Gear S2/S3 option and enter in the ICCID of the new device.

                  [This will initially pair the device with your phone number]


                  Wait until after the line is provisioned AND you get the message that it's been paired to your number (happens about 1 hour after the line is activated)


                  Finally go to the DIGITS portal ( and select the new line that was provisioned and switch it from being paired with your phone number to your wife's phone number.


                  May seem like the long way around to do this, but given that you are the primary account holder as setup on the web, it's really the easiest way to make sure it happens properly.

                    • azdreamscape

                      Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch

                      Thanks Evan,

                      I didn't think having myself as a user on her lines was a good idea, but I was desperate!


                      I/we will try it your way.


                      BUT, if her watch gets stuck using my number, we (you and I) will have hell to pay.

                      • azdreamscape

                        Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch

                        Not working.

                        When I try to set the watch up to duplicate either of two (of my possible three) numbers, the site refuses to recognize the 19 digit ICCID number as shown on the watch and the box it came in (less the 'F' suffix as shown on the box).


                        Yes, I do know how and where to get the correct number.


                        Yes, I checked that I have entered the correct number about ten times, it's the correct number.


                        I think perhaps this is due to the fact that the watch has a somewhat 'checkered' past.

                        It was 'halfway' sold to a previous customer who never came back to complete the transaction. We had to wait a day for the ICCID to be cleared before it could be sold to us.


                        Or maybe not, since the watch does show up on our account.


                        EDIT: OK, while I was typing this, the site eventually managed to recognize the ICCID, and we are on the way (for better or worse).

                          • tmo_evan

                            Re: Setting up a second Gear (S2) smartwatch

                            Ok... that is super odd since the registration site doesn't do any validation of the ICCID it should pretty much take whatever you put in there.  I'll have to ask the team about why you were having issues entering it.


                            Once it's submitted, that's when the fun happens.  Make sure to keep the confirmation number for it - the activation team might need a nudge (and I can help with that if necessary).

                      • azdreamscape


                        Just got notification that the duplicate number is ready to use.

                        Let the games begin!

                        • azdreamscape

                          It's all good!

                          The watch was set to duplicate <some line> within about 24 hours.

                          I had to go in and manually select what line I wanted it to duplicate, and indeed the wife's main number was one of the options.

                          I asked her to turn her phone off, and call me from the watch. The caller ID showed up as her main number.