Contact Management?


    So, I have yet to find a better way around this but heres my situation


    Digits App on my Verizon iPhone.

    I use Digits as a business # and all the contacts sync to a gmail account... 


    Is there a way to sync only the gmail account contacts without having to sync ALL of my phone contacts in to digits.

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      • dshrum84

        Re: Contact Management?

        You're looking for a way to have the Digits app only use the numbers from the business gmail account and not pull in info from the iPhone, right?

        • azdreamscape

          Re: Contact Management?

          I'm obviously missing something.

          I have the DIGITS app on my work phone.

          It IS a T-Mobile phone, but it is company-provided.

          When I log into the app, I get a message that 'my cloud contacts list is from another device and would I like to make this phone my main device', or words to that effect.

          I choose 'Not Now', and when I select 'Contacts' from the tabs at the top, I see four tabs along the bottom.

          A star. (presumably favorites)

          A phone icon, which displays the contacts in the phone I'm holding.

          Another icon, that displays my (empty) conference calling connections.

          And a little cloud icon that displays the contacts on my personal phone. (Which are synced with Gmail.)


          Perhaps the difference is that I have a separate work Gmail account, and my personal account is not on my work phone?

            • justins567

              Re: Contact Management?

              azdreamscape. likely possible.


              Ill explain my setup a little better

                   Digits app w/ Virtual T-Mo # on my personal iPhone 7 plus.

                   My personal contacts are in iCloud.

                   My business contacts are synced via a totally separate gmail account. As of now I sync both my iCloud and Gmail contacts to my device, but I set the Gmail contacts to NOT show in the native iPhone contacts app. This is an old habit from using Google Hangouts.

                   I don't use the digits app on the phone the T-mo sim is in because I never have the phone on me. the Virtual line capacity eliminates my need to carry the T-mo phone.   it sits at home in a drawer.


              my desired outcome is to have ONLY the gmail contacts synced in the digits app on my iPhone, there is really no reason for all my contacts, personal and business to be in the app.. I just can't seem to find a way to do that.

                   Possibly if I set up the digits app on the actual T-mo phone where just the gmail contacts are synced, upload them all to the cloud, and the on my iPhone don't allow digits access to my device contacts??    only problem, is to save a new number I have to go back to the T-mo phone I never carry because as of right now I don't see a way to manually add a single contact to your "cloud" contacts.



              EDIT -  just attempted to the above, it appears that the android version will no longer allow you to set up DIGITS on the same device as the T-Mo sim..  the app rejected setup and said I have to choose a different device.

                • azdreamscape

                  Re: Contact Management?

                  Take the SIM out and use the Android phone on WIFI if it were a tablet.


                  Might work, nothing to loose.

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                    • justins567

                      Re: Contact Management?

                      HAHA!  I was actually doing that right after I said that.  and it worked.

                           So that gets the contacts to the cloud tab just fine across BOTH devices, I rejected letting DIGITS have access to my iPhone contacts and that makes the device tab empty. 


                      Syncing will kinda a pain because ill need to go to the actual T-Mo phone and do a sync from time to time to have all my contacts on the digits app on my iPhone.   but hey small sacrifice I suppose to be a beta tester.


                      Hopefully they will add the ability to add individual contacts to your cloud contacts eventually, instead of a forced device sync.

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                        • azdreamscape

                          Re: Contact Management?

                          That's MASSIVE! (awesome)

                          Yes, indeed...this is what beta testing is all about.

                          Hopefully the final product WILL allow for direct input, or at least the option leave in/out contacts from a device when syncing.

                            • justins567

                              Re: Contact Management?

                              interestingly this morning i have made a new discovery,   When rejecting letting digits have access to your ios contacts on the device tab you will have a button to create a new contact (as seen in image below)..   it appears that for now using this to add a contact in fact will place that contact in your cloud list automatically.  I did notice it takes awhile (several hours) for the contact to show up, but its eventually there.   Unfortunately you can not edit it in any manner directly in the cloud tab in the digits app.     Because i still sync the gmail contacts to the device itself, just have them hidden its not a huge deal to edit.


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                    • azdreamscape

                      Re: Contact Management?

                      Yes, VERY interesting.

                      A detail that should be in the FAQ or user manual somewhere.

                      Nice work making that revelation.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: Contact Management?

                        Hey justins567 - this is great feedback, I will make sure the folks on the DIGITS team are advised.  I think that's a totally reasonable request, especially given the user scenario you've provided - it makes sense that you wouldn't want to sync everything!  Thanks for posting and for all of the follow up work here - feedback is great and hopefully this is functionality that can be added, but in the interim this will definitely come in handy for other users!


                        - Marissa