Why did T-mobile stole my wife Iphone 6s plus?


    I along with other people have been in the same issue of getting our iPhone 6s plus stolen. I've bought an IPhone 6S plus as a gift for our anniversary.  We took advantage of the trade in promotion for the iPhone 7 Plus back in October time frame. I was  skeptical about the promo. The sales rep at the store was really convincing and ensure that we will received the trade in credit within a few billing cycles so decided to go for it. I've following all the instructions that we giving to us before mailing the iPhone 6s plus back.  This include doing a factory reset and disabled the iPhone location finder on the phone.


    A few months went by and we still didn't see any credit posted for our trade in. I've called in a few times none of the representatives  have know idea why we weren't getting the credit.  One of the representative open an incident case to investigate and promise to give us a call back. After 3 weeks later, we finally got a call back from the same representative stating that he was still working on the issue with no progress.


    After 5 month of constant calls, I've decided to stop by the T-Mobile store  where we did the phone trade in explained our issues and the Rep at the store called T-Mobile to find out why we didn't get the credit. She finally got a hold of someone and we found out that our trade in was disqualified is because of the "iPhone location finder was not disabled"  and that's it's been over 30 days. They even said that they email us and texted reminded us to disable our location finder.  Liar!!!!


    We never got any communication from T-mobile. I know that I disabled the Location Finder and did the factory reset before mailing out the phone 6. In additional, we've been in touch with T-Mobile constantly and none of the rep was not able to find out the reason why we didn't get our credit or what happen to the phone.  I was really upset as of this point and ask them to return the iPhone 6 and they said that's been over the 30 days period, they will not return phone. How low is this? They're not different than thieves.  If they won't honor the trade in, at least return the phone back to the customer.


    My wife and I was heartbroken after finding out the lies and lame excuses. We've been a T-Mobile loyal customer for the past 8+ years and we have 10 lines under our plan. We will be canceling all of our lines and will switch to a different carrier and l report this to BBB. I will also post this on social media. Hopefully this will help other from falling in to the same trap.