sd card not supported


    Since the 6.01 Marshmallow roll-out on T-Mobile, both our families Galaxy Note 4's have begun to act crazy.  These issuess started on both phones almost simultaneously - within 48 hrs.


    1.) Phones began shutting off at 25-30% and entering a continuous reboot cycle.  This lasted a week, now it doesn't enter endless reboot, it just dies.  Putting on the charger it will start around 5-10%, then immediately jump back up around where it was (25-30%).

    2.) SD card is not supported.  I've read this was due to file system change on 6.01 making the SD Card appear corrupted.  I cannot even find the SD card thru the UI anymore to try re-format - it's there for the error, but not recognized in Storage.

    3.) Waking the phone up from a black screen takes 5-10 seconds after hitting the button.  This is sometimes reduced if you catch it immediately after shutting off, but if you wait more than a few seconds, your forced to wait for it to 'wake up'.


    I have tried a factory reset thru the Marshmallow UI and 2x by holding the power/vol.up/menu button and doing the factory reset that way - always the same results in the end.


    Is there a way to roll-back the Android version to Lollipop?  I've browsed the forums for previous answers, seems a number of people have the same issue but no resolution from T-Mobile.


    Anybody have an answer yet to these issues or know how to roll-back to Lollipop? 


    Even this forum does not have troubleshooting for 6.01 - they only go up to Lollipop. 

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      • theartiszan

        Re: sd card not supported

        Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade the os version.  To fix the sd card problem, you will need to plug it into a computer to format it then if the phone won't see it.

        Beyond that, the other problems all seem to be like the software isn't working correctly.  After the reset,  did you try the phone with out the sd card and not restoring programs for a few days to see if it cleared up?

        If so,  the phone might need to be flashed manually as the update might be corrupt. A Samsung experience location can do it or you can try with the computer but I'm not sure about the steps off the top of my head.

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          • ryno68

            Re: sd card not supported

            No I had not tried running the phone without the SD card so I don’t know if that’s the cause, but that seems unlikely as both phones behave the same. Probability of both SD cards failing at same time are near zero. I’ll follow your suggestions tho – run w/o the card for a bit and monitor, then try reformatting the card and monitor – thanks.

          • theburgerman

            Re: sd card not supported

            On Samsung GALAXY Note 5 there is No external SD card Option But you can pick up any size Sandisk Pen drive available at Your local Walmart Trust me Great tool for all Samsung Note 5 Owners.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: sd card not supported

              Hey ryno68.


              Were you able to test out theartiszan's suggestions? Please keep us posted on the results. Thanks!

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: sd card not supported

                Happy Sunday ryno68.  I just wanted to drop in and see if you'd tried running the phone without the SD card or a restore to see if the issues persisted, and if you'd been able to format the card.  How is everything going for you?


                - Marissa