I've been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 15 years and have always had good experiences; however, T-mobiles free iPhone Black Friday promotion is a scam and I will be cancelling my service ASAP. I have read numerous accounts of customers having the same experience, I just wish I read them before I took advantage of the promotion.


    First, at the time of the transaction, I was explicitly promised (multiple times with witnesses) my bill would not increase after receiving the monthly credits for new phones. The receipts and paperwork backed up this statement. I traded in 3 of my children's iPhones for new 7's as part of their xmas gift. At the time of my transaction my bill was approx. $150/month.


    Fast forward, my 1st bill after the transaction was $320/month. You can imagine the sinking feeling in my stomach upon opening my bill. I called Customer Care and they promptly communicated my current service plan didn't support the free iPhone offering; thus, I was charged for the phones. I told them if that's the case, I didn't want the new phones and would return them. Not an option. How in the world, was this not discovered at the time of the transaction?!? After remaining on hold and being transferred multiple times I was offered an upgraded plan that would qualify for the free iPhones, for a $25/month additional fee. I still wasn't fully satisfied, but I didn't have much recourse so I grudgingly agreed.


    Current update. I opened my bill today and discovered I was still being billed $320/month. I discovered after a short conversation with Customer Care T-Mobile was having issues with applying the credits. Fine, they would credit my account accordingly, a nuisance, but forgivable. What's not forgivable however, is my upgraded service plan which was needed to support the free iPhone promotion  (which was suppose to be just $25) turned out to be $80/month. My bill after the free iPhone credits is still $234/month. I just spent 90 minutes with Customer Care trying to figure out/negotiate this issue, but was finally told "that's the way it is, there is nothing that can be done." Wrong, I can cancel my account, I can use all my social networking avenues to post my experience above, I can call the better business bureau, and I can tell every everyone I know, heck even strangers, of the illegal activities T-Mobile is using. 

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