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    I received an iPhone 6S as a replacement phone when my iPhone 6 began to malfunction. Since my iPhone 6S is a replacement phone, do I have to pay off the remaining balance just to upgrade my phone? I have the Jump option available on my account.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Upgrading replacement phone

        Hey tierrae!  If we didn't have your original device available during a warranty exchange, or if Assurant didn't have it during an insurance claim process, and an alternate was provided by either company, you should still be fine to JUMP! as long as the IMEI on your EIP was updated.  The device description can't be altered, but that's okay - there will be internal records that support that you're returning the right device.  If you look at your EIP on MyT-Mobile and check the IMEI against the IMEI for your 6S and they don't currently match, we'll need you to Contact Us ASAP so that we can fix this before you JUMP!


        - Marissa