Galaxy Note5 system update freezes overnight


    I choose to receive my T-Mobile system update last night as I went to bed.


    The phone is now stuck on the T-Mobile load page, and the LED has been cycling and pulsing blue to turquoise--for approx. the last 10 hours. There is no way to shut the phone down, as long press on power key does nothing.


    The phone was fully charged when the update began, and the phone is currently plugged in and charging.

    Clearly something has gone wrong with the update; what do we do?

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      • plinysuetonious



        Either I wasn't holding the Power button down long enough (though it certainly seemed like the amount of time I normally use to restart the phone), or the combination of POWER+VOLUME DOWN+HOME button actually does something.


        The phone restarted and the update was not completed.


        I was given the choice to update again--NO THANKS!


        Hope this helps somebody