Is tablet line for Simple Choice $20-10=$10 per month plus taxes and fees.


    A tablet added on a cell line plan for Simple Choice is $20-10=$10 per month plus taxes and fees, right.

    The store CS told me I had better get it now as this rate is going away. So I added it that day, 01/14/17, and activated the tablet the 17th so we could beat an imaginary (rate going away) date coming.

    I added an iPad to an existing one line Simple Choice plan with my 6s. I also asked is this $10 a month going to carry over to TMobile One if I change plans. He assured me yes if I am ok with the 2G data.

    From accout activity: "New line xxx-xxx-xxxx was added to your account on 01/14/2017 at 03:53 PM . This line is on the SC NAmerica MI 2GB plan for $20 per month plus taxes and fees. This plan includes Unlimited Included Data, Unlimited Picture Messages, Unlimited Messages"

    So what say yee... will it be $10?

    Wish I was done there, well I chose to switch to TMobile One. Called CS with this request. Specifically stating to have the tablet stay on the 2G rate. She tried to sell the unlimited but I dont need it. A few days later I fisited my account activity and found that both are schedualed to be on the TMobile One unlimited.

    Called CS and was assured the tablet will be changed back and all will be well. Is this what is supposed to be on the activity - "Your line xxx-xxx-xxxx was changed to Mobile Internet 2GB via Customer Service on 01/29/2017 at 02:29 PM." ?