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Why does your service effing suck?



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Why does your service effing suck?

        Hey there! What seems to be going on? We want to turn that frown upside down.

        • stevetjr

          Re: Why does your service effing suck?

          a few more details would help, not having any issues here in ATL.



          • barcodeable

            Re: Why does your service effing suck?

            i knew from Start that Tmobile coverage wasnt the best nor was it reliable in my area compared to AT&T and Verizon.... but i stuck with them because i figured they would improve service.... and back in 2009 i was paying $50 total for two unlimited voice lines with no data access..... over the years i changed my plan to fit my needs and that was light on my wallet....  im so happy i stuck with Tmobile and eventually dropped Verizon. The service in my area improved and i almost saw heaven open up when i noticed the 4G LTE on my screen.... it was a a sign to take full advantage of all the awesome promotions that arise.... but now.... others are jumping onboard.... when t-mobile service coverage greatly improved


            but overall.... if covereage isnt great in your area.... switch to another carrier. T-Mobile does't force its customers to use their service... you always have a choice to go elsewhere.


            GOod Luck with whatever carrier you decide to switch to.

              • magenta5204763

                Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                I realize T Mobile doesn't "force" you to use them but their adds are deceptive and miss leading. Since you claim great service tell us where you live. Unless you are in big city and don't travel their service is unacceptable when compared to the big boys who have put millions more into their networks. My wife was alone on the side of the road after a bad accident with NO SERVICE, NO 911.  That is unacceptable so I'm glad you saw heaven because my wife almost joined you. T Mobile prices have risen to the point that they aren't worth the reliability you have to give up. I spent 17 hours and extra money changing back to Verizon so don't go telling people this is easy!!

                  • stevetjr

                    Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                    I understand you are upset but make sure to get your facts straight.


                    First look up company financial reports for the last 5 years and you will

                    see that T-Mobile has put more into their network than any of the other

                    carriers.  Heck they just spent another 8 billion (that is Billions with a

                    B) more on it this year at the spectrum auction.


                    As for the 911 issue, if it didn't work it wouldn't have worked for any

                    carrier. By law 911 a cell phones can dial 911 regardless of carrier, you c

                    an take the SIM card out of your phone and call 911 still.  Google and you

                    will see plenty of stories one in particular where a small child has

                    learned in school about it and when Mom collapsed pulled an old flip phone

                    with no SIM card and called 911.  If there is signal from any carrier 911

                    calls go thru. So that has nothing to do with T-Mobile's service.


                    I work for an airline and trust me I travel and not always big cities and

                    don't have issues.

                      • magenta5204763

                        Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                        NO you get your facts straight:


                        You may have spent money on your Network but that doesn’t change the fact your coverage map is a lie and in rural areas unacceptable. I documented this in VT by driving back through the same route in Vt with my Apple play on and there was no coverage through route 22 and parts of NY state. Forty miles of no coverage. Willistion VT no coverage or at most 1 bar. New Hope, PA poor reception and dropped calls. T Mobile recently paid a 50 million dolor fine to the FCC for lying about dropped calls!


                        The 911 call didn’t go through, maybe it was the iPhone, maybe there was another reason but in my opinion it was T Mobile.


                        As far as your service being great that has nothing to do with my documented experience with T Mobile. Everything about them is low end. It took two days just to sign up with them because the session “timed out on the initial sales order and I had to go back the next day. Their free phone deal was borderline fraud. The store didn’t have fast Wi Fi so they couldn’t transfer my data. Imagine a cell phone carrier that has stores without wi fi !!!


                        You either work for them as a shill or you wouldn’t be on this site defending them to such a degree. What normal person does that?

                          • stevetjr

                            Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                            First my facts are accurate and as another person mentioned every carrier

                            has dead areas so that carrier may not be for them, that is just a reality.

                            Also if you look at coverage complaints on this forum you will see a lot

                            more are iPhone which uses a lower end Intel radio rather than the Qualcomm

                            in the other phones that supports T-mobile's advanced network features the

                            other carriers wish they had.


                            Part of the issue especially in rural areas is spectrum, the big 2 used

                            their monopoly status during the first low band auction and bought up 93%

                            of the low band so know one else could get it. Low band signal carries much

                            further and is ideal for low band. T-Mobile was able to buy some a few

                            years ago from Verizon but not in all markets and like the one I moved to

                            they can't use it yet because of a stunt AT&T pulled when 700 was launched

                            and broke 700 into multiple bands claiming interference issues. Of course

                            the 700 with the "issues" wasn't the 700 they had. Where I moved to there

                            is still a channel 51 that hasn't relocated and is waiting until the

                            deadline to do it this November and yes where I moved to my coverage is not

                            what it was in Atlanta but mostly that is speed and some indoor signal

                            strength but know it will get better in November and even better when they

                            get that 8 billion in 600 spectrum launched.


                            No I don't and never have worked for T-Mobile nor am I a schill.  I have

                            just been a customer for well over a decade and understand that every

                            carrier has dead spots. I have been standing next to friends with Verizon

                            and they had signal issues and I didn't and vice versa it is reality. One

                            thing that was consistent is when with friends on other carriers and we all

                            have signal is I usually smoke them in speed.


                            Again sorry your wife had 911 issues but look it up it had nothing to do

                            with T-Mobile, all cell phones can dial 911 regardless of carrier they

                            don't even need a SIM card and they will still dial it. If the phone

                            wouldn't dial 911 then no carrier had signal in that spot which as

                            mentioned above all carriers have dead spots so that spot must have LOS

                            issues for all the available towers in the area.

                              • magenta5204763

                                Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                I appreciate all the technical facts you felt compelled to send me however consumers are told differently by T Mobile and their representatives. That’s what we depend on not technical information after the fact. After my wife’s accident I went back to the store of purchase and sales people continued to insist they had great coverage in Vermont? What is your agenda? To spout false information and defend the indefensible? T Mobile was fined 50 million by the FCC  for spoofing calls in areas that didn’t have service, explain that!


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                          • barcodeable

                            Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                            As stevetjr stated, the 911 Emergency feature is unrelated to T-Mobile. But Its terrible that your wife was in a very bad car accident and unable to call 911. I hope she is recovering and doing well.


                            My T-Mobile service (in my area) is terrible... but parts of my town receive 4G LTE coverage. I apologize if my post sounded as if my coverage was 100%. My coverage is non existent in my home.... but if i drive 5 minutes from house I get great reception. I have probably made at least 20 post stating how crappy coverage is in my area.... but I am content with how much I spend every month on my cell phone bills. When I am at home... i forward my tmobile calls to my sprint phone and my sprint phone is free (no charges & no fees). Sprint actually get great coverage in my home.... so its more reliable than T-mobile. But, this is just my testimony. Years ago I had practically no service, no 2G, no 4G, no 4G LTE.... but i kept T-Mobile service due to their international calling plan.... i called using wifi calling.... so in my situation... things worked out for my needs... but other people may not be willing to accept such poor cell phone coverage. Im patiently waiting for the coverage to increase more and then all of my suffering will have been worth it in the end.  


                            I really do hope you find the cell phone carrier to fit you and your families needs. There are great deals being advertised with all the carriers... Im sure AT&T will start some great promotions as soon as the Time Warner merger becomes final.


                            and im really sorry for your wife‘s accident i wish her a speedy recovery

                            accidents, illnesses and health issues are the worst...

                            the post provided on these forums are for informational purposes, and not all situations are guaranteed to be sutable for all customers.

                        • magenta5204763

                          Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                          My wife had no service on route 22 outside of Burlington VT, was in a car accident and couldn't dial 911. T Mobiles customer service doesn't exist and all calls are routed to Taiwan. After paying off my phone they refused to un lock them. Their 2 for 1 iPhone deal is a ruse. You finance the phones then have to wait three billing cycles for a gift card to come. Their coverage map is one big lie.  And it was a major hassle to switch services and un lock my iphones. Enough of a hassle that I had to buy two more iPhones so I could conduct my business!!! The way I see it you have to a total moron to use this carrier when you have Verizon and AT&T out there. For what reason?  Save $5, maybe?  A T Mobile customer service rep in this thread suggesed buying a pre paid card to test their service and that tells me that they don't have confidence in their own service. That's crazy? T Mobile has poor coverage, scams consumers, and awful customer service. Screw them!!

                            • tmo_chris

                              Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                              Hey magenta5204763


                              I am so sorry that your Wife was unable to dial 911! That is a terrible experience and one that we take seriously! Did you get a chance to speak with our technical support folks about this call failure yet?

                                • magenta5204763

                                  Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                  Yes, no good answers.


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                                    • stevetjr

                                      Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                      There is more to it than that if you read more than the headline and

                                      T-Mobile wasn't the only carrier doing it. It has to do with a false ring

                                      tone in the callers phone when the phone being called thru a local carrier

                                      hadn't actually connected to that local rural carrier. It had nothing to do

                                      with the signal of the caller it was the connection to the local carrier.

                                      It was in 2014 that the FCC made the practice against the rules and right

                                      or wrong T-Mobile settled. But in 2015 paid a fine for rural coverage


                                      Service for rural customers has been an area of concern for the FCC since

                                      2011 when it established its Rural Call Completion Task Force


                                      In 2015, it fined

                                      <> Verizon $2

                                      million for failing to investigate low call rates in 26 rural rural areas.


                                      So they all have had issues.  As I and others have mentioned every carrier

                                      has dead spots and isn't a good fit for everyone. Also every carrier has

                                      been fined for not adhering to a rule it is the cost of doing business. But

                                      if you look at this industry pre the modern version (pre Joh Legere) of

                                      T-Mobile they industry was a mess and controlled by 2 big ones that

                                      dictated the rules and allowed such things as Verizon for instance making a

                                      55% profit margin on it's customers. T-Mobile is not perfect, not going to

                                      dispute that but they are also not the evil empire you portray either.  I

                                      have quite a few friends and family I have convinced to come over and not

                                      one of them has regretted it and love not paying substantially more for


                                        • magenta5204763

                                          Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                          And you aren’t a shill working for T Mobile?  Give me a break your posts are all over the board defending this rotten company. I haven’t even gotten to their horrible customer service and the hours of wasted time dealing with help from Taiwan that have no communication skills whatsoever. Anybody out there thinking of signing up for T Mobile DON’T DO IT!!!

                                  • stevetjr

                                    Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                    They don't have customer service in Taiwan, they have 1 that I am aware of left overseas in the Philippines.  They actually just started a new program where you will be routed to a call center in your general area.  For us here in Memphis we are routed to a call center near Nashville.  I have called twice and get the same center.


                                    I am not saying you haven't had a bad experience but if you talk to customer service like you post and say you hate the company probably doesn't help.  Plus there are a lot that disagree with you because for full service cell companies T-Mobile wins JD Powers 2018 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Study Vol. 1: Full Service | J.D. Power


                                    T-Mobile has set records for how many customers have joined and they also have set record lows in churn (ie customers leaving) than the other 3 over the last 5 years.  So your experience is the minority just based on the facts.  Again with any company regardless of industry not everyone will have a good experience sometimes it is legit, sometimes it is self inflicted and others because they just won't be happy with anything but it is what it is.  As others have said help is out there but some things can't be fixed.  Before T-Mobile bought the low band spectrum from Verizon and it was Verizon that needed higher band from T-Mobile, TMO's indoor coverage was lacking and no amount of money would have fixed it because there wasn't any spectrum to use that could solve it.  When there was TMO bought it.


                                    You can call me a shill that's fine, I know I haven't worked for them and never have.  I have been on this site to help people, point them in the right direction and etc because I have been with TMO for so long.  It's about time for me to change my profile picture back to what it was before which gives a hint to what business I am in and trust me it is not cellular but I do use T-Mobile not just here but around the world and if I was with one of the other carriers I would have to sell body parts to be able to afford to use my phone.

                                      • magenta5204763

                                        Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                        I was with Verizon for 17 years and never experienced anything close to the unacceptable service and support T Mobile offers. I don’t care about self serving industry awards based on one aspect of their business model. Was Verizon perfect? No. I experienced occasional dropped calls with Verizon but they would been in areas that represented a block or 2 not 40 miles! T Mobile doesn’t even have a store in Vermont yet you continue to not address the fact their coverage map shows service all over that state.  The T Mobile stores are set up for one thing, sell their service and offer no customer support. Unlocking the phones had to be done calling one of their oversea support centers ( they screwed that up) with people lacking communication skills. That’s not the case if you walk into a Verizon store. The Palm Beach Florida store had no wireless connections and even their employees were upset with that as it made data transfer time consuming and slow. I assume all their store are set up without a high speed internet to save money.  Is it your job to help people by making stuff up How are you helping? Its painfully obvious you work or have some sort of vested interest in T Mobile or you wouldn’t be spending hours on this site defending them. Most if not all consumers don’t want to be left on the side of the road needing help without without the ability to make a phone call. Numerous people that I have spoken with tried T Mobile and left because of poor coverage and dropped calls.. Most people don’t care about the technical BS you constantly spout out they want coverage and good service. The question I have is why YOU consider it your job to help people pick a phone carrier in a multi billion dolor industry?  T Mobile is a low end phone service and if people when to save a few penny’s they should sign up with them. Other then that they should go with a real company.

                                          • stevetjr

                                            Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                            Fine you can have your opinion, but nothing has been made up it is all

                                            fact!! And it is fact that T-Mobile has nothing to do with the 911 calling

                                            issue since it is built into all phones and they don't even have to have a

                                            SIM card to make a 911 call. Boot your phone up without a SIM card and it

                                            will warn you only 911 calls available. 911 calls on a device will use any

                                            available tower it can reach period and fact.


                                            As for unlocking phones especially iPhones the carrier sends the request to

                                            Apple. Verizon phones aren't locked nor because they don't want them locked

                                            but because they had to make a deal with the FCC because they monopolized

                                            the 700 MHz spectrum auction, again fact look it up.


                                            Again it sounds like you haven't had a good experience but when you view it

                                            with such a negative and clearly you feel it is your duty to keep people

                                            away just as you accuse me of the opposite you will always have a bad

                                            experience because you go into it with that expectation.


                                            It is a fact they have added 35+ million subscribers in the last 5 years,

                                            have had the lowest churn of any of the 3 other carriers, have won awards

                                            and have fundamentally changed the wireless industry and forcing Verizon

                                            and AT&T to do things they swore they would never do again like unlimited

                                            data. Every new Verizon customer who has unlimited data can thank T-Mobile,

                                            Lowell McAdam was on the record when T-Mobile launch unlimited that Verizon

                                            wouldn't ever offer it again, less than a year later had to eat crow to

                                            stem the hemorrhaging of customers. All of the above is Fact!!


                                            Again one bad experience does not define a company or a person. Clearly the

                                            facts show your experience was the exception and not the rule.

                                              • magenta5204763

                                                Re: Why does your service effing suck?

                                                I want to warT everybody on this thread  that stevetir is working for T Mobile in some capacity. Go back and read comment after comment where he has nothing but positives to say about the worst carrier in the nation, T Mobile. Just ask yourself what human being on the planet would spend hours a day defending a company he’s not part of? DO YOU NEED A JOB OR A LIFE STEVE?  I was with Verizon fo 17 years and never spent one second defending or praising them in conversation. My Wife was in a bad car accident in VT and THIS CLOWN actually has the ***** to question her ability to make phone calls including 911. F**k you Steve. I don’t care how many subscribers T Mobile has gained through FALSE advertising their service stinks and they are a disingenuous to boot evidenced by admitting to spoofing dropped calls and paying a 50 million dolor fine to the FCC. Steve knows facts that someone with inside knowledge of the company would know OR CARE ABOUT.  Don’t believe a word he says he is flat out LIAR!!!!