Trade Up Offer & JUMP! ?? :  2016 Aug iPhone 6S


    On this Trade Up Offer from Aug 2016, can you help me on these questions. 


    AP01 Plan #20160906848515 2016 Aug iPhone 6S Trade Up Offer ($)

    APL IPHONE 6S 64G GRY KIT - Monthly charge $

    JUMP! Insurance, Warranty, and Mobile Sec Tier 4-5 $


    1st ?) If I cancel JUMP! on month 21, will I still receive the remainder Trade Up monthly bill credits?  Just trying to cut expenses as I would like to change to T-Mobile ONE from Simple Choice.


    2nd ?) If I upgrade through JUMP! after "AMOUNT REMAINING TO BE JUMP! ELIGIBLE: $" is paid, which would be at 14 months remaining, will I still receive the Trade Up monthly credits?


    I've done some searching around, just want to be sure on this results is all?


    Thanks- Shawn !

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      • wynnstuff

        So why I am seeking input from the community?  Because the responses I received when asking about my trade up offer at the two local stores was perplexing.


        My questions have been: Do I have to have JUMP on the account. & What happens to my credits when I want to upgrade my phone?


        In the local store making the Trade Up Offer I was told that the JUMP was required for this offer. I did not have JUMP previous to signing the offer paper work. It was suggested to me why would I have no insurance on a new phone & the credit will offset the price of the JUMP, right!


        Recently, visiting a different local corporate store about adding my IPad to my plan, I mentioned I was thinking of upgrading to the 7. I was told best if I want to upgrade then pay off the 6s phone, then trade-in the 6s for an upgrade. I will still get the account credits that way, but don't use JUMP. Granted the trade is not going to be as much $$ value as if on a JUMP upgrade. One suggestion to receive best $$ value was to keep the phone till it was paid off (24 months) then use JUMP.

        Hope you can follow this, I'm not the best story teller. Thanks


        I included this for furthere discussion. hehe.

            What does outside of the offer window mean?

            Is the JUMP one of the terms of my promotion?

        Promotional credits

        Losing EIP bill credit eligibility

        We want you to take full advantage of our EIP bill credit promotions. So, please keep in mind the following, which will disqualify you from continuing to receive EIP bill credits:

        • Exchanging or returning a device outside of the offer window, where the qualifying EIP is closed
        • Canceling or changing the plan or service that is required for an EIP bill credit promotion
        • Not signing your E-signature or completing the EIP during the promotional period
        • Performing a JUMP! upgrade to a new device from a device with EIP bill credits
        • Returning one phone purchased as a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer (BOGO promotions require that you keep both phones and qualifying service)
        • Not following the terms of the promotion (for example, you must purchase and activate the device on the same day)