i have bad credit how to get a phone


    I want a phone but  I have bad credit

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      • You may have a deposit on a line (if a new customer) and most likely will have a down payment if beginning an EIP.  There is always the option to pay in full.  Options and amounts are based on the model of phone you want.  Taking a look at the Phones page can give you more exact information as you select your credit status. 



        iPhone 7 Plus in 32GB


        is $49.00 down, $30 a month with Awesome Credit


        and $577.99 and $8 a month with Average Credit. 


        No credit or if ineligible for EIP is a full price of $769.99.  (add tax to total cost of phone in any scenario.)


        You might also consider a switch to the T-Mobile ONE plan if not already on it, since there are a few phones that are reduced in price or free via bill credits.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: i have bad credit how to get a phone

          Hiya greer78!  If you're working with less than rad credit, snn_555 is correct that you'll probably need to make a down payment to put a device on an Equipment Installment Plan.  I do want to let you know that we understand that who you are as our customer is more important than whatever was happening in your life that might have caused a credit situation - so we do something called Smartphone Equality.  The way this works is that if you make a year's worth of consecutive on-time payments, on the 13th month we switch your internal credit standing to "well qualified", so you'll have the lowest required down payment amount possible.  Just throwing it out there to give you something to look forward to!


          - Marissa