kickback does not apply to "free" line that's no longer free?


    In November we signed up for T-Mobile ONE™ during the 4th line free promotion. Last week we switched to the T-Mobile ONE™ with taxes and fees included. The FAQ for this deal specifically states that "You will lose any ‘free lines’ you have, but in virtually all cases you will save money vs either promotion."

    We also signed up for Kickback for every line and surprisingly got a text message today that one of the lines will not get kickback because it was already a "free" line. I understand that the Tmobile states that the Kickback promotion will not apply to free lines: "KickBack is not available for free lines (for example, 4th line free promotions)" but technically we do not have any free lines since we switched to the Taxes and Fees included promotion. I think the denial of kickback on this line has no ground based in your policy documents. Please advise..

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