Documents updated


    I see TMO_SARA has updated seven DIGITS related documents today.


    I can't help wondering WHAT was changed/updated, and how that information might help me have a better experience with DIGITS?


    I'm getting really good results as it is, but I'd hate to miss out on some improvement I didn't know I needed.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Documents updated

        That's a great question.


        I went over previous versions of the docs updated that day and most of the edits were a combination of formatting changes and removing links to the DIGITS Beta User guide. There weren't any changes included that you could use to have a better experience, however, if you have feedback on how we can improve DIGITS for you, please let us know. Thanks azdreamscape!

        • azdreamscape

          Re: Documents updated

          Thanks Mike...I appreciate the feedback.

          I am here to help build something for the future.

          So far, the future is looking just a little bit better...(moving in the right direction)