I have a pay as you go plan, the instructions for adding a data pass don't work (no option on portal). What now?




    I've tried to follow the instructions here: On Demand Data Passes - however when I reach step 4, THERE IS NO SUCH OPTION. "Add a data pass" simply doesn't exist. What's wrong?





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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey there and thanks for posting.


        You can still get a data pass, but I believe they'll only be available through the T-Mobile app, Customer Service, or the automated system when you call in. Have you tried any of those to see if they work?

          • danbuche@hotmail.com

            Hi Mike,


            so if this is a known bug of the portal, do you know when this will be fixed? There is a clear disconnect between your documentation and the reality of the portal.





          • magenta6379695

            For future users having this problem (not being able to add data pass): You may have to turn off wireless and turn on data connection! Perhaps also restart the device to start "from scratch". This has to be done from the app.