Good day Everyone

    I have a Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce XL(windows) phone.

    But I have a very hard time receiving and installing the updates. My phone is at


    Windows Mobile 10

    August 10, 2016Improved reliability and stability

    and I have not been able to receive much less installed the last six updates.

    One of the problems is I use the phone for my home Wi-Fi connections, so this means I do not have a Wi-Fi connection to connect to for the updates, and when I am near an outside connection, the download either do not start or I do not have enough time to complete.

    Is there a way where I could download the update to a Laptop and then download them into the Cell phone, either by Wi-Fi link or tethering the laptop to the cell phone?

    Thank you in advance SAK1726 (Scott)

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: updates

        Hey sak1726!  I'm sorry you're stuck updating - the updates since this baseband version you're on definitely have some improvements to offer.  Are you getting any error messages when you try to complete the update?  Windows has a list of some numeric error codes you might receive, and I just want to rule out any other issues.
        If connectivity is definitely the problem, then you could try an area with public WiFi, like your local library.  Not every store has a WiFi signal, but it might be worth reaching out to your local store to see if you can pop in to complete an update there!  Lastly, when you're outside and you do have a reliable data connection via the network, but you mention that you can't get the Update to start - are you following these steps?

        Update software

        • Swipe left on the home screen to the Apps tray.
        • Tap Settings.
        • Tap Update & security.
        • Tap Phone update.
        • Tap Check for updates.
        • Follow prompts to install latest software.

        Please let me know if any of this is helpful!  We want to get your device up-to-date so that it will perform at 100%.


        - Marissa

        • sak1726

          Re: updates

          Hello Marissa (tmo_marissa)

          Phone: “Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce XL(windows)” The problem I run into, is no mater where I can open an Wi-Fi at and get connected the updates never go above 0%, even after sitting inside a T-Mobile owned store for 3 hours, so there is no error codes or anything else, the download just are not happening. This is why I am asking about downloads to my computer and then uploading to the phone one update at a time, either by computer base Wi-Fi connection or tethering via USB port. And I have been to the T-Mobile Store (company owned, not authorized dealer) several times in the past year trying to get the updates with no results


          Scott (sak1726!)

            • sak1726

              Re: updates

              Hello Marissa (tmo_marissa)


              When I was out today, decided to stop by T-Mobile store to see if they could update the phone, could not, so I just requested a replacement phone to solve the problem. Thank you for your help, and I am closing this posting.


              Scott (sak1726)