BUG: Caller ID log empty for connected LineLink number.



    Samsung Galaxy S7 configured to use:

    • Its own Primary phone number.
    • Virtual phone number.
    • Home phone (A LineLink line )

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E configured to use:

    • Primary phone number (From S7)
    • Virtual phone number (Same as attached to S7)
    • Home phone (A LineLink line )


    I am at work, not at home.


    Repro Steps (Part 1):

    1. Call comes in on Family line. (Note: I was able to verify home phone rang.)



    Only the Tab E rang. Even after serveral rings, the S7 did not start to ring.

    Expected Results:

    The Tab E and the S7 should both have started to ring within a second or so of each other.


    Repro Steps (Part 2):

    1. I answer the call using the Tab E.
    2. Due to bad connection, I needed to hang up and call them back. While I was talking to them, I noted that the caller ID was on the screen, so I hung up.
    3. I went to the call log on the Tab E
      1. Open the digits app
      2. At the top of the screen, select CALLS tab.
      3. At the bottom of the screen select the clock icon.
      4. Just under the title of the CALLS tab, change from "All Lines" to "Family".
      5. Taking a chance, I switched back to "All Lines" to see if the call showed up.



    The "Family" list is completely empty and it the phone call in question didn't show up under "All Lines", (I assume no calls from Family line showed up in the "All Lines" list.)


    Expected Results:

    At the very least, I would expect to see the calls that rang on the Tab E (A fair number.)

    But really, I expect to see all calls to that line, whether the Tab E was active when they happened or not.



    • As a stretch, I tried having my S7 call "*69" using the family line. Of course, *69 doesn't work on cell phones.
    • I then tried going to my.T-Mobile web page and checked the history, but, of course, that call hadn't shown up yet.
    • Finally I called my son, and I got lucky that he had just arrived home.I had him check the home phone and caller ID was there. This is how I was able to verify the home phone rang.
    • Semi-related: A bug was previously reported that when a call is coming into the Tab E DIGITS app, there is no way to tell which line is being called. This is still happening. When the Tab E started ringing I could see a call was coming in, but I couldn't tell whether the caller was calling Home, Virtual or Cell.

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      • tmo_evan



        Thanks for the bug report though line link wasn't technically supported till today.  However you will need to call the special care team to update your line link rate plan into the new compatible plan.  If you can do that and retest that would be greatly appreciated.

          • ransomv

            Hey tmo_evan,

            I called the support people (844-889-5651) and was told that "my account was already setup correctly" and that I "just need to register my LineLink account with DIGITS again".


            Of course, I find that weird since my LineLink account is already registered, and he didn't do an upgrade. I interpret that to mean the guy didn't understand what was needed.


            That being said:

            Is it possible my LineLink account was upgraded previously?

                 - If so, do I need to do something to re-register the account for DIGITS?

                 - If not, are there some magic words I can use to tell him what needs to be done to upgrade the account?