2nd V10 Worse then the 1st


    So my 1st V10 had a bunch of random issues. Worse one was it took forever to reconnect to the network, in the car with my daughter who has 1 as well, she picked up signal 30 min before mine did.. .and that finally did it.  Went into the store and did a warranty swap....

    Now onto the 2nd one, I have had it only a month and it LAGS like crazy, constant click and wait... Double click on, i think i missed it, do it again.. It comes on and shuts back off... I have a video showing how bad it is..  Wifi.. I have gig service and yea, it wont go over 20 on 2.4 and 40 on 5ghz... though now as i just checked it.. 5ghz hit high. hummmm, and 2.4 where its suppose to be.. very odd

    Battery... uh with my first one, i could go 3/4 of the day before it hit 40-50 %... This one its been off charge for about 6 hrs and its at 50%  While doing that video, it dropped 5% with in 5 minutes

    Bottom line this thing is worse then my last one.. trying to decide if i want to buy a zerolemon battery.. but not if i get rid of the phone

    Do I try for a 3rd times the charm???

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