Service inside buildings - what happened


    For the last few months I have submitted about 10 tickets. Problem I'm having is where I had service in a building before, great service, im no longer getting any service indoors. I'm in Atlanta.  I can make calls but get no Internet service.  I'm showing full 4g lte service. They keep saying something about modernization which I think it's a load of crap.   Please help

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Where in Atlanta?


        I still get service indoors (I work in a horrible building for coverage), but I've noticed when I'm in the restroom (ya know, the best place to be on Facebook), I have a lot of lag, to occasional no coverage, however, when I'm at my desk (probably one fewer wall, but about the same distance in the building), I get great coverage.


        We'll call me downtown... in a building that's a tourist trap...  that might be next door to a dome being built... yeah... that's potentially enough to say where I work without saying where I work... *shifts eyes covertly*

          • b1ggen

            I work at the CDC in Atlanta.  Here is my problem.  I bowl in Lilburn and have always had good service then in December it just stopped.  Now it has done the same thing at work.  It has worked at my desk with 5 bars of 4g lte.  Now since last week my phone is showing 5 bars of 4g LTE but I am getting no internet service.  Every time I call they say they are modernizing towers.   Its getting really frustrating

              • smplyunprdctble

                Your timing is probably similar to when I started noticing it.


                I attributed my problems to a lot of conferences happening recently in the area (congestion kills my connection), but we can very well be experiencing the same thing.


                I don't know what network modernization they could be doing -- we've already been modernized by getting on Band 2.  We've already had Band 12 rolled out.  Then again, I haven't been a huge regular in there for the past six months to see if other Bands are being rolled out with T-Mobile... Or, they can be prepping the next generation of signals on the towers.


                So, if we're talking experiences, I'll just give you facts:

                - I live in Marietta in a single family home.  I haven't had any signal issues there.

                - I work downtown by the Domes and haven't noticed any issues in my cube (I don't sit on my phone generally).

                - However, when I'm in the restroom (an additional wall), I notice that lag happens.  It generally works eventually, but it's slow as heck.


                All instances above, I have LTE labeled on my Nexus 5X.


                I almost wonder if something is going on with Band 12.  That's the 700 band and penetrates buildings a lot better than Band 2 and 4.  I vaguely recall my restroom experience being about what I would get before Band 12 was rolled out, but I don't have any experience in my current cube pre-Band 12.


                Not sure what else I can give.  Maybe we can get T-Force to give us a bit of enlightenment.

            • b1ggen

              Re: Service inside buildings - what happened

              Well it is happing to everyone with a tmobile phone.  From the S7 to the I7 plus. This morning had 2 bars LTE and it worked for a min.  Then at 11 oclock its like they switched off service.  No me and a few co workers are only getting Emergency calls only.   Its getting really frustrating.  If I didn't have to pay monthly for these phones I would switch because tech service is pretty useless