Video streaming not working?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and my video streaming just stopped working - EVERYTHING else works fine (Pandora, Twitter, Facebook except for video, Google, etc..) but none of my video streaming apps work ( Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc) I have 4G lte at all times, and just renewed service, so I have plenty of data allowance. I have tried my mom's SIM card in my phone and the video works fine, it also works fine with Wifi. However, I put my SIM into my mom's phone and video streaming didn't work. I figured there was a problem with the SIM so I got a new one, but there was no change at all. I have chatted with various TMobile customer service reps on six different occasions, but I can't get anything resolved. Any ideas what might be going on and what I might do to fix this issue?

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