DIGITS Mac desktop app is nearly unusable and other DIGITS observations


    Here are my experiences with the DIGITS Mac desktop app. I'm running version 1.1 on a Mac Mini, OS X 10.12.3, 16GB RAM. I'm only using one number-multiple devices and not multiple numbers on one device.


    • Frequent crashing: The app just shuts down for no rhyme or reason.
    • Even when I have "Keep me logged in" checked, it asks for me to re-register every time.
    • I have to register frequently and the default number it selects is not my DIGITS line. (This also happens on the web browser version).
    • About 50% of the time, I get a message telling me that it's unable to register.
    • After I successfully register, the main screen shows momentarily and then I'm redirected back to the registration screen.
    • Registration is successful maybe once out of a dozen attempts.
    • The only way to get the app to stay opened is to quit the app, remove the app preferences (com.movial.tmowebrtc.plist and/or com.movial.tmowebrtc.helper.plist, located in the User->Library->Preferences folder) and then restart the app.
    • After a rare successful registration, eventually the app will shut down again and I have to run through the above steps to log in and register again.
    • I haven't been successful at linking my Microsoft Exchange contacts on the desktop app or on the browser version.
    • My Google contacts don't always stay linked (desktop or browser).


    The DIGITS app for Android seems pretty reliable so far.

    The DIGITS app for IOS doesn't always refresh by itself.


    My wishlist for DIGITS so far:

    • Reading a message from one device should update the unread indicators on all devices running the DIGITS app and on the browser.
    • Clearing a missed call on one device should update the missed call indicators on all devices.
    • Reading a message on the DIGITS phone's DIGITS app should clear the unread indicators on the native messaging app.
    • On the DIGITS phone, messages should sync both incoming and outgoing with the the native messaging app.
    • Unread indicators should clear on the DIGITS app when read with the native messaging app.
    • Overall reliability needs to improve. I sometimes don't receive messages and frequently, outgoing text messages seem to take a long time to be delivered.
    • There should be an option for the user to disable the calls feature on selected devices. I don't always need all my devices to start ringing. It's inconvenient to clear the missed call logs on each and every device.


    My overall observation is that DIGITS is still not ready for primetime and still needs work to ensure reliability.