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How to update Blackberry device software 5.0 to 6.0 ?


    I have a t-mobile blackberry 9700 with device software 5.0 does anybody know how to update OS 6.0 ?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hiya sam123456!  Congrats on the long life of your BB Bold!  I swear, these phones just keep on trucking.   Have you had a chance to visit the Software versions & updates: BlackBerry Bold 9700 page yet?  On that page, you should see a link that will direct you to BlackBerry's site for software updates - you'd want to use BlackBerry Desktop Software for the 7.1 OS or earlier.  Have you given this a shot already?  If not, do you mind trying it out and letting us know how it goes for you?


        - Marissa

        • aiharkness

          @sam123456 I'm curious if you did this or not.  I recall upgrading to OS 6 on my 9700 (years ago) and within hours I decided to go back to OS 5.  Seriously, I did it one evening, played with it, then woke up early and downgraded back to 5.  My memory is losing the keyboard shortcuts, particularly in email with saved searches and that sort of thing.


          Anyway, just wondering what you found.  And if you don't like it, know that you can go back using the desktop software.