Over a week and no virtual number?  3 calls and a chat with customer service and still nothing???


    I registered on 1/28/17 for the program and received the welcome email right away.  I registered for multiple numbers on 1 device.  Nothing came within the 48 hours.  Here is the breakdown so far:


    • 1/28/17 - Registered and Welcome Email.
    • 1/31/17 - Over 48 hours and nothing.  First call to support and was told it would take up to 5 days to provision the line.
    • 2/3/17 - well over 5 days and nothing.  First online chat.  Chat took forever and eventually was told to call into support.  Second call into support.  Was told this is odd and that it would be escalated through a supervisor and that I would get a follow up call within the next 24 hours and the line would be activated within that 24 hours.
    • 2/4/17 - Crossed the 24 hour mark.  No follow up phone call.  No virtual number added.  Called into support for the third time and was told that it was escalated and that they would put in another escalation.  Felt vary rushed and as if the support rep didn't care about my issue and the fact that I have been having to call in.  Was told to now wait till Tuesday before calling back?


    Seriously,  what kind of customer service is this?  No one is owning up to the situation and taking responsibility.  I want to test this for you so you can make more money and this is probably a service I will purchase, but after this I am really reconsidering that strongly.

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