Missing SMS inbound and outbound, how to leave program?


    I signed up for the beta so I can't get too annoyed, but it seems like the "core" functionality of redirecting SMS is just plain broken.  I am frequently missing messages both sent to me, and ones I send.  After coming to this site I see people have this same issue and they go back and check their digits app or web.  Sure enough I found all my messages there.


    At this point I'd like to completely opt-out of the program, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.  I can no longer risk not receiving txt's and don't want to have to remember to check another app "just in case".  Thanks, will love to rejoin when the infrastructure is more stable.

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        Do you have specific examples of messages that you did not receive on your phone?  While this may be happening it's relatively rare for this and actually very few users have been seeing that particular issue (or at least are not having that issue any longer, it was generally an issue with devices like the Moto X, One Plus 3, Nextbit Robin, etc since these are devices that are technically supported on T-Mobile, but aren't sourced by us and they all have a serious configuration issue which we applied a work around on the network to solve).   If you're using a device like that and still having issues, we definitely want to hear about it since we thought we had addressed this particular one.  If it's not on a device like that and you're having problems, we definitely need to know so we can get the details and investigate the root cause.


        As to not seeing some of your out-bound messages that you send, this is not an actual bug, it's just that you're native phone doesn't know anything about messages that you might send from other clients, since the native phone is not likely DIGITS enabled.  We've been recommending that you install the DIGITS app on your native phone so you can see a complete log of your messages.  We are also working on another solution with a light weight client to also help address this particular limitation.  If what you're seeing here is again something different, please let us know.

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