Is band 12 coming to the Uintah Basin Utah?


    Is band 12 coming to the Uintah Basin?/ is there any place you can see the planned tower upgrades?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi deaminus!  I don't see anything upcoming in that area at the moment, although I wish I had better news for you - although "Uintah Basin, Utah" is super fun to say, I'm sure you're asking because you live or work near here.

        We tend to post large planned upgrades publicly in the Network Blog section of the T-Mobile Newsroom

        Sometimes news of an upcoming network or coverage expansion can be a fantastic byproduct of Contacting Us and filing a service inquiry with our Tech team - although engineering responses don't always provide a specific Band, they do come back often with a note advising whether or not there is future enhancement planned in that area, and a general idea of how long we anticipate it will take. 

        Is this your home address or an area that you drive through?


        - Marissa