how do I unpair a  bluethooth device from a Galaxy J7


    I need help unpairing a bluetooth device from my J7. so my wife can use it.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey powayred!  We definitely want to help you do something sweet for your wife!    Where's the hang up - is the J7 not letting go of the device, or is the device not unpairing from the J7? 
        I was able to grab these steps from the J7's User Manual - can you give this a shot?

        Delete a Paired Device (Unpair)

        When you unpair from a Bluetooth device, the two devices no longer recognize each other. To connect again, you have to pair the devices.

        1. From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings.

        2. Tap Bluetooth, and then tap On/Off to turn on Bluetooth.

        3. Tap Settings next to the paired device, and then tap Unpair to delete the paired device.


        - Marissa

        • tmo_chris

          Just checking in here to see if you were able to get the device successfully unpaired from the phone?