Unlocked T-Mobile Note 5 update caused my Cricket service to stop working?


    Has anyone had issues with a T-Mobile update causing their unlocked phone to stop working with another carrier?


    Just the other day (I think Feb 4) I got a notice on my phone from T-Mobile that there was a software update. I went ahead with it and the next day I noticed my phone didn't work. I got voice mails but could not call in to get them.


    I use Cricket after I unlocked my T-Mobile phone about a year ago. I've done a few T-Mobile updates including Marshmallow with no issues.


    I don't use the phone much for calls over the weekend when this happened so I can't be sure I didn't have the phone issue before the update or not.


    Cricket is having a hard time troubleshooting this. They said there is no tower outage in my area.

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