Why do I have to call to cancel one line on my account?


    I really don't like talking to anyone from T-Mobile because they are always trying to sell something. Plus I still have 4 other lines so I don't feel it is necessary


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      • breakingdodd

        And I didn't mean to hit the assumed answered button

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, Chase!


          I fixed the assume answered. I understand not wanting to get a sales pitch when trying to cancel one of your five lines. The only other option would be to work with T-Force via social media. You can get in touch with them by selecting the Facebook or Twitter icon in my signature.

          • wtssuperpower

            The short answer to 'why do I have to call inn to cancel my aaccounnt' is tmobile employees are absolutely *horrid* at long-range mental telepathy.  You will actually need to make known your issue in some form or another.   Some things other people have done to accomplish line cancellations are:

            Calling is a pretty popular option.   However, its come to light that you'd like to not talk, and @tmo_amanda has adroitly managed to intuit this... it may be a form of telepathy, or of empathy...its hard to know these things...   but,  she has provided another avenue for those overly burdened by verbal communication and that is the social media option: T-Force.


            Can I ask you seriously....   how is it that anyone at T-Mobile is supposed to  take action on your behalf without any .... you know....talking, or typing, or even some hooting and gesturing?

            Id be genuinely curious to know.


            All best - wtssup

            • breakingdodd

              Ummm how about the way I opened the line? Did you just know I wanted one or did I go online and add it myself?

              • breakingdodd

                But since you want to be a smart a** maybe I should just call Verizon and have them turn them all off. I'll get better reception anyway. I guess this is what I should expect from T-Mobile

                • wtssuperpower

                  You have to admit,  it did sound a little funny the way you put it.....

                  What you'd like, then, is a self-service option like through your my-tmobile account.  Which as you already know is not currently available.

                  My guess is that cancellations are a metric that's pretty closely tracked, with the goal of reducing gross deactivations.  I don't have any solid evidence to back that up,  it just stands to reason.


                  I fail to see how moving your numbers to Verizon would fix anything since you'd still need to call in to cancel lines at Verizon, AFAIK.    But, if that's where your at...

                  • breakingdodd

                    What you don't apparently get is the only reason I want as little human contact as possible is because I don't like being pushed to buy stuff I don't need. I asked a question which has not been answered . Lack of transparency is a sign of dishonesty in my opinion. Considering how much I pay a month it is unacceptable to lie or avoid telling the truth. I thought you would at least value me as a customer but you are basically pushing me out of the door so...

                      • discoceris

                        Anyone can pretend to be you online and because reactivating a line would be a lot of inconvenience for a victim of a prank, this seems to be the most secure option.


                        If you wanted to remove a line with AT&T and Verizon, they require you to call, and they will sell things to you (or try to dissuade you from cancelling a line), in much the same fashion.


                        People seem to forget that just 30 years ago, you had to drop coins at a phone booth to call someone away from home. That you would first need to find a booth, and hope it worked, and hope you had enough change. Now, you can just whip out your smartphone and make that call, or text if you preferred. Everyone has just become a bunch of whining cry-babies in this golden age of technology.