I signed up for the Black Friday deal this last year and the sales person messed it all up. I called in and the got to talk to a supervisor. They admitted they messed up but had to do this process that needs a "special team" to update the account to correct the error. I keep calling when after the day they say they will call by comes, and goes. No messages nothing.


    Each time I call I get the same spiel, I have to go over the entire issue as if there is no record of my previous calls? I finally get a supervisor and they say they will call me the next day, or in a couple days. This has gone on since before last Christmas.


    Has anyone ever seen this? I heard I could get a "salaried agent" from an article talking about bad T-Mobile customer support, but I cant figure out how to get them to let me talk to someone who will actually do something?


    It sucks in my case because they are over billing me 100%, I'm supposed to be that 160 - 20 auto pay deal, but they are taking on another 140+ fees for things I'm not supposed to pay.


    I traded in my phones in that deal for S7's and they were supposed to give me bill credits for them each month, and they are not. Plus theres suddenly another 99 extra fee I cant even figure out why. And the phones were put on a lease, I did not trade in my paid off phones so they could just take them and put me on a 2 year lease and take back the new ones.


    I keep calling and nothing happens?


    Up until this incident T-Mobile has had stellar support I've bought in again and again, told people how much I like t-mobile. But that is suddenly NOT THE CASE!


    Anyone? Anyone? Buleller?

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      • john3


        • sho'nuff75

          I'm having this exact same problem. Got my wife the S7 Edge for Black Friday and they're still charging us the monthly charge even though we traded in a fully paid off S6 Edge. They're also screwing me on the free line deal they offered a week earlier that I took advantage of. Nobody has called me back and I've spent hours on the phone and no real help.


          TMO had been great and I've been a big supporter but I'm about to start posting negative about them everywhere I can if this doesn't get resolved. I bet there's plenty more people who have the same issue, maybe a class-action will get them to move.

            • julieeoh

              The same thing is happening to me.

              I signed up for the same deal, they are charging me for 2 extra lines for some reason.

              Not giving me my monthly discount from the magenta port in deal, not giving me trade in credit.

              AND charging me an extra $90 each month. It took like 3 hours to get resolved last time, but it's happened again this month. They said they'll call back a week later, never did.

              I'm getting so pissed off of explaining the situation to 4 different people every month. I officially hate tmobile.

              Their "deals" and "promos" are fake and they never follow through

            • john3

              Well, they started out even worse. The agent who took my Black Friday offer also signed me up for 2 plus lines for 25 a month each, I had to pull that off too, and the maintenance plan I didn't ask for either.


              They have given me a couple credits here and there to fix parts.


              At present as explained to me they have to forward the "fix" to a different team, coming up on 2 months after I originally called on the issue. They even said they would turn off the auto pay so I would not get charged the extra 100 dollars for the Jump plan (instead of my purchase plan with monthly credits) while I'm waiting the extra week or so, and of course it was a lie. Auto-pay was still on.


              Looks like atm they are playing "we will ignore you until you go away" I guess ... but no way am I giving them 1500 worth of paid off phones like this. I feel like I have no way to get any satisfaction. I'm almost thinking I have to take them to court? (like that could work in our system) This is just so stressful ... just plain wrong.


              I will follow up on my experience as it goes.

                • julieeoh

                  This is so frustrating. Also because it takes HOURS for them to resolve something ONCE over the phone. Please let us know if you find a way to fix this problem.

                    • john3

                      Ok.. tagged another supervisor yesterday, long azz call. PROMISED .. er .. again ... again again .. to call me back by Friday. THIS time she was adamant, um not like the last few times. "Trust me" ... ya .. well .. when it happens.


                      Course understanding what was being said is a challenge, cruddy phone line from India, and you know "Jennifer" (HATE that lie, like we are all stupid), huge accent etc. No call back line is available "too many different call centers" of course. Oh wait .. hmmm, I must be stupid again. Ahhhh ya, trying to prevent customers from call back .. forgot. Would not want us thinking there is actually any cares given to customers, just the most money they can save at our expense now that we pay um.


                      This time I specifically asked for a credit and at least got that so I'm not out the overcharge so I'm giving them more time. They have a "team" that is STILL supposed to fix this (I guess a lot of our issues about the bill credits). Keep being told they are working on it.


                      Surprise surprise... it was mentioned that if all this doesn't work they will simply pay off my phone(s) ... ya we'll see. They are doing the "monthly credits" as a virtual contract. "We don't have contracts" but if you leave before WE pay off the free phone we ding ya the full amount. Like I didn't hand them 3 fully paid of S6's I was gonna keep for a while. Not quite a contract but the same end result, man I must be really stupid.


                      I remember a year or so ago getting a state side rep. Getting the issues fixed on the spot. Went out of their way to help ... ah ... those where the days... I feel like I'm back on ATT!

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Wow, sounds like you all have had quite a tough time to say the least. Missing callbacks coupled with the how long it's been since this started is just sad. Has anyone here given our T-Force a chance through the social support links on our Contact Us page? This is a very important account matter that we really need to get handled. Without account access here on this forum, we'll need to refer you to a team that can look over this and help further. T-Force is an awesome team and you can even link them to this chat so they know what's going on. My apologies this happened, but I do want this to get taken care of.

                      • gergever

                        I have a billing issue as well. Customer care promised me a $10 credit on my bill for On Demand plan last August and it wen't through the first two months, but starting in October I had to call back Custom Care each month to get the credit and each time was told the issue had been 'escalated' to fix it.


                        I'm on the phone with them now, on hold while they check it out. Listening to music for the last 20 minutes.


                        The problem with T-Mobile Customer Care is that there is no follow through. Each time you have to start from the beginning with a new person. There should be a 'contact' person to follow through on what's promised, either by email or ticket number, etc.

                          • tmo_mike_c

                            Hmm. Was this $10 credit tied to some kind of promo or something different? Since we can't see what was noted on your account this, we'd need to have Care or our T-Force team take a look at this further. If we new the specifics of this credit, we could help guide you a bit further on how this can be escalated, if possible.

                              • john3

                                My status update I did get a couple call backs. Since I cant call them I have to hope it lines up with when I'm not at work and in a meeting. I did talk to the agent once who was working on the issue. But the response is what I've been waiting for since Black Friday... the "team" that is fixing it has not responded to the "supervisors" e-mails. Not replied that they are or will be working on the issue, the agent said specifically not responded to the e-mails.


                                And I'm back in silence mode, no updates no call backs no nothing. I can't call anyone specific so if I call back in again I will have to  go through this all over again with an agent in some other call center.


                                My son just discovered is data config was messed up on my plan and got hold of what I think was a salaried agent. They had to call me to authorize fixing that which was ... yes, on a prior call I specifically asked to be fixed. That all the lines on the account ACTUALLY get the unlimited data plan I'm paying for.


                                I'm going to give it a couple more days, suck it up, and run the damn gauntlet all over again to see if there has been any progress. I.E. explain what the problem all over, argue that I did sign up for this on the right dates, etc etc ... get left on hold for 10 min till they call around or whatever since their never seems to be any notes on my account they can refer too (their own words), and then get the reply .. still waiting for someone to actually reply to an e-mail after MONTH... S.


                                The only thing thats not made me give up is they have credit my account for all the stuff I should not have had to pay on (a moth late so I have a 140 cr for next months over bill), that I apparently will have to ask them for while still waiting for T-Mobile to get around to fixing there screw up (and yes that was admitted multiple times).


                                Satisfaction for customer serve now days still hovering around 2 of 10.


                                Answer to this post so far.. they may call you back, once and a while .. maybe 1 of 5 SUPERVISORS will call you back as promised. But then after a bit.. the promise runs out apparently.


                                So Mike (tmos_mike_s)... this continues to be a horrible experience and I'm really no close to getting my account fixed since before Christmas. I just don't want to have to deal with this anymore, but I have no choice or my paid off phone will effectively be STOLEN, and I will be over billed 140/mo. I cant walk away without sacrificing the 1500 of spotless condition S6 I turned in after JUST paying them off.


                                This has and continues to be one of the most HORRIFYING experience of my 50 years of life. I can't escape without loosing my 1500 worth of phones. If I don't call monthly they will gleefully charge me double. I call and they promise profusely and repeatedly they will call back .. and one did .. once. And if this doesn't get fixed I will still not get what I signed up for. Heh, if I do have another heart attack my wife will be suing I'm sure ... this is the only thing in my life thats such a insane, "got your money what ya gonna do?" thing...

                          • john3

                            After getting one missed call and one callback. So the final answer still has to be .. no ... not really ... they do NOT call you back. It's just a ploy to make you go away so they don't have to deal with you and fix your issue.


                            The final outcome? After months is I did get a resolution. After dozens of calls from black Friday till this month. I decided to call early in the morning and I got a state side call center. But they went on to take a 3 hour call to get something done...


                            Worse I had a meeting so my wife got on the call while on hold for 99% of the time. And she was driven to cry at least once. They actually said we had "signed the contract" in the e-mail, thus it was to bad they sent us the wrong deal at first, to try and get us off the call. The tried to tell us we needed to call within 20 days to dispute, said that we did not call until later in February. This post started in the beginning of February, and I had bill credits already on the bill from December. Ya right ... I didn't call .. like 20 times .. and got credits on my bill each month it was still not fixed ... and employ names and numbers ...


                            I had called in right off when I looked at my bill early for the deal, and it was was over $500, instead of $160 as promised, hell ya I called quick. And this whole post is about that same said lack of service. They had used my payoff on my old phone as a payment and then messed up my bill, and my auto pay was also. The off shore people said they took notes on my account and over and over claimed they would call back, "supervisors" mind you.


                            Being accused of lying is the lowest of the low. Agents not making any annotations on the account, when asked to, repeatedly, criminal? Fraud?. I have names and numbers along the way written down. Always write down the name, agent number, date, and probably time to prevent ... misunderstandings... I guess.


                            Really this was the worst experience of my life, if I threw up my arms and walk away I lose 3 phones I just paid off, around $1500 still at that point. My collage age daughter worked her part time job(s) for the extra cash to pay for hers that she tracked down a good deal on herself. And they just would have took um, reneged on the deal and walked away.


                            So final outcome, finally got some joy. Did not wait around for any callbacks, sat on the call with a state side supervisor for hours, never gave up, took the insults.


                            They finally paid off the lease cause they could not FIX the screw up they finally admitted they had done. Kinda... the agent used the terms "pulled stings" and "did us a favor" ... a GD favor!?


                            Since they paid off the lease I can now walk away without feeling horribly ripped off. But at this point T-mobiles customer service is down to the level of all the providers I have add before. Always some trick, some excuse to try and bleed money out of me. Up till this I had felt they had such awesome customer service. Always had been responsive, 611 and bam! done. I'm scared to call them in case they screw something up or hidden rules, fees, hidden in a contract you ahev to be a lawyer to read, and try to hike my bill ... sounds oh so familiar. Cable, Cell, Phone etc. etc. I'm probably keeping my plan and walking if they change it. Maybe all their new bandwidth will match there coverage to the Verizon and US Cellular (in my area) ... sigh... the incentive to pay more to get more is coming more in focus. Paying less to get less comprehensive coverage is becoming less so ... customer service is not an incentive... Unlimited data that you cant get to in a town down the street is not really a big selling point... Ah well...


                            For those who spot this post .. don't wait for a call back .. ever ... plan ahead block out some hours... call early us time and try and get a us rep/supervisor... India is just a place to dump you to wait out you giving up, it appears...


                            I got it done .. but I feel burned out ... insulted... and not a little disappointing ...

                              • tmo_mike_c

                                Wow, this is so disappointing to hear and I'm really sorry you went through this. I really wish this had gone so much better for you, but we appreciate you letting us know what happened. We can use this as feedback on how we can do better for you going forward.

                                  • john3

                                    Great .. so tell me why after a few days they billed me $1900 MORE?! Woke up on a Saturday morning and peek at the t-mobile app. Basically charged me for the phones anyway? The supervisor told my wife she would send an e-mail stating the phones are paid off and it never happened!


                                    So basically not only do supervisors not call back when they say they don't e-mail back what they promise!


                                    Ok .. so I called in ... and got the offshore call center. They tried to "send an e-mail" to the service center again. I was adamant that this get fixed now, as I have no desire to pay another 1900 for these phones and they have apparently shifted me over to a US call center. From what I read this is maybe a "salaried" agent, in the us.


                                    So back on the phone with a supervisor ... explaining ALL of this again .. hoping I will actually finally get what I signed up for.


                                    And of course its still our fault, we didn't send the phones back to the right warehouse. Even though when we got the phones they did not have the right labels (apparently because we where not signed up for the deal we asked for). Then we CALLED IN ... to get the right labels we told them the deal we signed up for they e-mailed what were to be the right labels. And yes the supervisor is saying its OUR fault again and that we should be great-full that they are going out of there way to fix this!? TO get the BLAME for this!? Its our fault for signing the contract e-mailed to us that setup this lease thing, even though the e-mails say we have to sign it and done say what they are for? Ya .. I pulled up the old e-mails ...


                                    Oh and as I type .. she insisted I let her call me back.... again ... I will post again ... depending if I have to in a day call back in ....... again ...

                                      • john3

                                        Wow! I got a call back!  ok .. so another credit is being sent to a supervisor for approval.. then I will get another call when its applied... maybe? Fingers crossed....

                                          • tmo_mike_c

                                            I'm really glad you got a call back. Did the supervisor mentioning contacting you back at another time? Can keep us posted on how this goes? Thanks!

                                              • john3

                                                This last one said she would call me back when the manager had approved the change. (I mentioned a message would be fine).


                                                I checked my bill a day or so and its down to a reasonable point. Considering last months over charge I was happy to note that this bill should clean up some of the mess.


                                                BUT  no .. no call, no message, for the "I will get another call when its applied".


                                                I mean this is not a one off pattern, this is a total cruddy customer nightmare ... since last Black Friday ...


                                                Of course on the other hand all the things I do like about t-mobile .. I signed up for this deal cause I LIKED the T-Mobile one plan .. and phones to boot was well worth it .. Kickback is going to be in my future (maybe?).. and we got a pleasant supersize.. Secure  IF and Secure Block features we did not know where even coming .. my wife's phone got them out of the blue. Yes it was supposed to be new customers ... but hey it kicked in and we like it ...


                                                I say maybe on Kickback as I am SCARED .. honestly SCARED to call in. Another mess up on my account? And then waiting for calls that never come?


                                                Is there any way they could IDK .. stop trying to make SO much money cutting back on customer service? Please? That's been horrifying.. I WISH I was making this all up! Hopefully this is my last post ...