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    I think we should give out one free sim

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      • tmo_marissa

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        That's great feedback king2256.  Currently we do provide free SIM cards when a troubleshooting scenario points to a defective SIM as a potential culprit, but otherwise they have a cost associated.  We occasionally run promotions where the charges for a SIM are waived (like with a new line, for instance), but not always.  Was there a specific scenario you were thinking of?  I'm happy to forward your suggestion!


        - Marissa

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          As stated, if you have a troubleshooting issue that points to a defective SIM, I can see T-Mobile replacing it for free.  But, if you just lost it, or damaged it yourself, I can see there being a charge for that.  There might be other instances like taking a nano SIM and having to use the 3-size card adapter to make it fit in a phone that uses a micro SIM....if that adapter frame broke, maybe the SIM or the adapter could be replaced once.