iOS notifications issue list Feb 3rd


    Several issues.

    I am on the latest IOS App as of Feb 3rd. I have a 6S+ running 10.2.1. Relevant settings:


    Allow notification is switched to on.

    Notification center=on


    Badge app icon=on

    Show on lock screen=on


    When a text message is received on the Digits number (multiple number, single device mode):


    1) When the Digits app is running in the foreground, the audio alert played for a message is not the same as the one that is played when the app is either not running or is running but is in the background. For consistency, shouldn't the audio be the same?


    2) If the Digits app is force closed, or the iPhone is newly restarted and the Digits app has not yet been launched, when a message arrives there is an audio alert, but there is no banner or alert notification rendered. It is very easy to miss messages in this scenario. This should be possible for the app to handle. I know because Google Voice on the same phone handles this exact same scenario without issue.


    3) If the Digits app is running and when it is in the foreground, both a banner and alert style notification will appear, but then both disappear. An alert style notification is not supposed to vanish without user interaction.


    4) App icon badge messages counts do not increment unless the app has been opened. It ought to be possible to increment the icon badge even when the app is not running by having your notification server send a badge count along with the alert text.


    So in summary the phone appears to be getting the push notifications (as evidence by the audio for all incoming notifications) but somehow it is not correctly handling them in several different ways.


    My primary use of the Digits extra number is to keep a separation of work/personal text messages. This inconsistent notification handling on the text messages is making it impossible for me to use the service, because part of my job involves receiving on-call paging alerts, which I keep missing.

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      • jaco_b

        Re: iOS notifications issue list Feb 3rd

        Agree with your observations.


        Notifications have been broken since day one of the beta, and while there has been some fixes (e.g. notifications on Apple Watch works now), it is still not working consistently, reliably, nor correctly.  Every other app (WhatsApp, SnapChat, Google Voice, etc, etc) seems to be able to get this right, so it's not a technology issue.


        Very frustrating.  With the recent improvements in Google Voice (multiple numbers can now be opened in the iOS app, MMS can now be sent and received), I really don't see any future for DIGITS.  At least I won't be signing up unless it can be at least as good as Google Voice, including working behind corporate firewalls.

          • mictons

            Re: iOS notifications issue list Feb 3rd

            I agree, I just joined the Digits beta a week ago and was wondering if it was just me, it is very frustrating to not receive badging or notification if the app is not running, I generally don't leave apps running in the background. I also use Google Voice and Sideline, neither app has an issue with this or requires the app to be open, hopefully T-mobile will get this corrected if they expect us to pay for this service when we can get it free with other companies.