Digits Beta - My detailed review


    So, I've been using Digits for several weeks now and I wanted to share my experience for others to gauge Digits.


    My Background - I currently work in IT for one of the top 5 largest E-commerce (NOT Amazon)  companies in the US.  I work as a field engineer and programmer. Part of my role as a field engineer is to help with tier 3 /final point help desk resolution for associates.    As a programmer, I help build internal applications for automation and time saving services.

    This has required me to have a cell phone # outside my personal number, and like many I for some time carried 2 phones until I got sick of it.   Then I tried Google Fi, which was decent except the hang outs app on iOS almost never got updates and eventually became more frustrating the worth the time.  I looked at several IP / cloud phone # app's but I really need something reliable and consistent.


    My Digits beta situation - Currently I am set up to have my T-Mobile number as a "virtual number". I then use the Digits app on my personal iPhone 7 plus that is tied to a Verizon phone number.


    My Experience thus far -  So far,  I have to rate my experience as very pleasant. It has mostly worked as I would hope for it to and has worked EXCEPTIONALLY better then Google fi/voice via hangouts.  I can see Digits becoming a huge game changer to the mobile industry if T-Mobile keeps up the hard work.




    1. I have not missed a single call or text via the Digits app and I'm 100% comfortable not carrying the phone my T-Mobile sim is actually used in. 99% of the time my phone with the Tmo sim is actually turned off and in my desk drawer.

    2. Its worked consistently.  I have had very minimal issues with the app functioning.

    3. Support from the beta support team has been amazing!  personal shoutout to tmo_chris. He's stuck with me through a couple interesting quirks and always got back to me timely.. Thanks Chris for making the experience that much better!

    4. T-mobiles engineers have been VERY consistent in updating the iOS app.  every 5-8ish days there is an update.  its nice to see a team working hard to improve a product very quickly!!!





    1. So far I have not been able to use the app set to "use data and minutes" this has forced me to be stuck using my LTE connection which can be spotty. 

         ---. A note on this though, with tons of support from tmo_chris I actually got a chance to spend about an hour on the phone with the engineering team and it was determined there is actually a issue between Verizon and T-Mobile causing a quirk with the setting.  I don't fault T-Mobile and team for that.  Being a Big red customer for years, I know well they don't like to play nice in the sand box.

    2. iOS integration is a bit lacking.  Notifications, especially in "use data only" mode leave a lot to be desired.  Text notifications could use some work too..  But this is also partially on Apple, not just Tmo.

    3. The one time I tried to use a bluetooth headset didn't go well.. the audio quality was pretty terrible.  that was back on version 1.0.4 or such.  I have not tried since then.  BUT it has worked perfectly with regular headphones via lighting connection.


    Conclusion -  For the genral most part, if your work or personal situation needs a second number for some reason, I would comfortably say T-Mobile digits may be the solution your looking for.   Its served my needs far better then other options I have tried and its left me with no real negative moments to comment on.


    Im excited to see where Tmo take this, and can only hope the pricing is on par with Tmo's goal to shake things up!


    Great work and many thanks to the beta support team and engineers!

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