Windows T-Mobile App (V: 0.1.10)



    I find this App more useful then the Chrome or FireFox plugins.   Don't get me wrong, I like the Chrome & FireFox to since I also use a Chromebook.   Why, because I would use this App to run in the background waiting to receive calls.  I am not always surfing the web. 


    However, there lies a problem with the Window T-Mobile Apps (64).   The Windows App will only run several minutes before a message appears "Log Off or Continue".   The default is "Log Off".   This should not happen or in the Setting menu there should be an option for continues running in the background.  This allows me to NOT carry my Android phone next to my computer as well as I can answer my calls using my Windows computer (Win 10 Pro). 


    I find the the audio very clear... 


    Again I am praying to the Volcano Gods, Pele' to see this change...




    On the Big Island

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      • azdreamscape

        Aloha Douglas!

        We meet again...


        An interesting issue.

        The Chrome web interface use to have this exact same issue, but it has become much more stable in recent weeks.

        I'm not sure how well it works in a minimized window, but perhaps that could be a solution until the app is more refined?


        I haven't tried the Windows app, so I'm in the dark to understand what advantages it may have.


        Oh mighty Pele', hear us!



        • tmo_tim_b

          Hello Doug!


          I know azdreamscape gave a suggestion. I wanted to follow-up on a couple things, some of which you may have already done. First, please make sure Windows is fully up to date. Also, do you notice the timing coincide with any other events (ex: screen timeout)? Have you re-loaded the app? Just want a good starting point in case we need to troubleshoot further or if we need to reach out for more information.


          Thank you!


              Aloha TMo_Tim_B,


              Thanks for responding. 

              I figured out what I was doing wrong.  Just before I request to use my phone number dialog window, I notice a check box indicating "do I want to stay online".  I clicked that and "all is well".  


              I love this Windows DIGITS.  Now I can receive calls and make outgoing calls since the local T-Mobile tower sucks.


              Keep up the good work DIGITS Team! 


              Warm Aloha,



              PS - any word on my comment about DIGITS Android?  Mentioned only way I can get Android DIGITS to work on WiFi is to take my SIM card out!