Trying to soft restart my lgv20 by holding the power button and the volume down key and it doesn't work


    Just trying to restart my phone when it slows down a little bit

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      • jynxthefierce

        I believe a "soft restart" is simply holding down the power button (while the phone is on) and selecting the option power off and restart. The hard key combination you are trying is to Factory Reset your phone, which will delete all information and start you from the very beginning of phone set-up. Warning!!! Factory Reset should only be used as a last resort. Also, you must know the account log-in information that the phone was originally set-up under or else you will not be able to complete the set-up process. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


        My suggestion is to: (1) Perform a Back-up. That way you can undo any changes. Save it to SD Card if you can. If not, internal storage is fine. I believe you can save a Back-up to Google Drive also. If you have a computer, LG Bridge is a very good option. Make a Back-up in as many different places as possible. Although those 4 options are well enough. The point is to make a Back-up in a couple of different places. You should get into the habit of Backing up your phone monthly. That way if you install an app or make changes that cause unwanted operation, the furthest back you will go is just a month.

        (2)While the phone is on, hold down the power button until the power menu shows up and select power off and restart. Should that not help:

        (3)Go to Settings, Smart Cleaning and let it run. Clean out Temporary and Raw Files. Leave Download Folder, unless you don't need what's in there. If you plan on keeping those files, store them to a Cloud. Check your Idle Apps. If you don't use it anymore, get rid of it.


        Try these options and post back if it helped or not. If you have any questions, before or after, post it and I'll try to help the best I can. Stay away from your Hard Key Combo. Remember, that is a last resort. And I still got a couple more tips to help with your phone before resorting to a Factory Reset. Hope this helps ^_^

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        • tmo_chris

          Hey @jay5,


          Just wanted to check if the steps that jynxthefierce suggested were any help. Let us know.