dropped calls on multiple iPhones in NYC (t-mobile prepaid)


    I had a pre-paid plan and was using an iPhone 5s and then all of a sudden calls started dropping in New York City. I would say that calls would drop on average of once every 30 minutes of talking. Thinking the problem could be my device, I bought a new iPhone SE, but the problem continued. This was about 6 months ago, and I switched to another carrier and haven't had a dropped call since switching. However, I'm paying a lot more with this new carrier, and I'm also not too fond of the company. I would love to switch back to T-mobile but am worried about calls dropping again. Any advice?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there!  Sorry to read about your calling issues!  We would definitely love to have you back, but it's hard to guarantee that the dropped call issue you were experiencing is resolved without knowing what the root cause was.  It sounds like it wasn't your phone - was this primarily happening at home or work?  It may have been caused by tower modernization in the area or network congestion, and in that case, hopefully we'd have those issues resolved 6 months later.  When this was going on did you ever have a chance to reach out and file a service inquiry with our tech team to pin down why this was happening?


        - Marissa