Alcatel Idol 4S Windows phone will not connect to computer via USB or Bluetooth


    I purchased an Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 installed on it. I have tried to connect/pair it with my pc (and my laptop) both have Windows 10 Premium installed, latest updates, but cannot get the phone to connect to either. I tried all the phone suites from Alcatel's support site, still could not connect or find the phone in the listings. Anyone else having this issue, or am the only one?

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        What actions are you trying to perform with the device after connecting? Have you been able to try any non windows 10 devices to see if it's a possible OS compatibility issue?



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          Happy Monday papamel!  I just wanted to check back in and see if you'd had any luck with this - it definitely seems odd that your equipment isn't recognized by a computer or laptop using the same software.  I took a peek at the user manual and just (Ctrl+F) searched for "computer" for any tips on how to connect - it does mention that "Before using MTP, make sure that the driver (Windows Media Player 11 or higher version) has been installed" - is this one of the drivers you installed from the support site already? 


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              Thought you might find this helpful for those on this thread.


              I purchased an Alcatel Idol 4s windows 10 phone from T-Mobile in February 2017.  After setting up all the appropriate registrations, activations, etc. for the phone and Microsoft and verifying everything was working, I connected a data cable to a Windows 10 PC to facilitate moving of music and photos.  The computer recognizes the connection, but alerts that there is a missing driver for the phone.  (I also got the same thing with another windows 10 pc and a windows 10 laptop).


              I scoured the internet for the driver and apparently there isn't one.  I called Alcatel and at first they tried to tell me that this was Microsoft's fault but after multiple contacts with Microsoft, T-Mobile etc. I finally got a T-Mobile rep to conference me in with an upper level tech at Alcatel who reluctantly admitted that Alcatel had developed a driver for the Android version of the Idol 4s, but NOT the Windows 10 version of the phone.  It was suggested this "might" be in the works.  I was also told I could get and SD card and use it to move items back and forth. 


              Anyone familiar with this phone should know that addition and removal of the SD card requires a special tool, to release a tiny door containing the micro sd and micro sim (which  frequently fall out of the tray) then using an SD adapter to insert the SD into the PC and the reverse to get the phone working again, during which time the phone is deactivated while the sim tray is open.  THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION.  I figured I'd get T-Mobile to help me follow up on this issue, but suddenly T-Mobile dropped all Windows phones from it's website.  So my new smart phone (and the fact that I bought it from T-Mobile) turned out not to be that smart after all.


              You might also want look at the green check mark above which says "This question has been reviewed by a staff member and is assumed resolved." to let them know their assumption is incorrect.

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              Windows 10 Premium I have never heard of. There is Home and Pro 32bit and 64bit.

              Has your phone been added to your Microsoft account as a listed device?

              Which build version of Windows 10 do you have on both? Version 1607 is latest, then there was 1511 and 1507.

              The most updated version for PC and Phone is version 1607 (OS Build 14393.693).


              I always run the same build and version on my PC (Windows 10 Pro x64) and Phone (Alcatel Idol 4s Windows).


              Windows 10 has Windows Media Player 12 installed and MTP pertains to mp3 like devices I believe.

              Groove is the default music player and Movies and TV the video player. Windows 10 Phones do not have Windows Media Player.

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