Is there a good plan for laptop users?



    I'm currently using Simple Choice 6GB Family Match (2 lines.) I usually use mobile hotspot for my laptop. The total usage is mostly lower than 3GB per month. I was looking at the new T-mobile One plan but noticed the mobile hotspot is limited to 2G speed, which is basically useless even for light internet browsing. I don't need unlimited of mobile hotspot, but I do need 4G speed for my laptop since I'm using it to work (skype calling, some file transferring...etc) and often I travel to places without wifi. Can someone suggest a plan suitable for my use? Thank you.

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      • brandont800

        If you switch over to T-Mobile ONE, there is an unlimited hotspot option, at 4G LTE which from what I believe is deprioritized. This just means if the network is busy, the hotspot may be a little bit slower because they're giving priority to other users. This plan is called the T-Mobile ONE international plan, and it even comes with 2x the speed internationally than what you would get from the normal T-Mobile ONE plan, AND you would get international calling with your plan. That may be useful sometimes, but not always. I also believe it's a flat rate of $95.00 a month for 1 line, with the taxes and fees included. I just saw this on their website some time ago, and thought it would be nice to help out a little.