Can't make calls


    Hi, I moved to a Caribbean island from the US and now I can't make calls. Sometimes I can receive calls but I can't call local numbers. I called TMobile a few times to resolve this, but I've been unsuccessful. I thought I should be able to make calls and just pay for roaming, but for whatever reason it just disconnects. Anyways. Help?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Can't make calls

        Thanks for reaching out! 


        What island are you currently on and what device are you using?



          • jschmutz

            Re: Can't make calls

            I'm living in Dominica, and I'm on an iPhone 4. I just ordered the 7 though, so I was wondering if I need to order a special SIM card for that, and if so, I was wondering how to proceed.


            Thanks for your time!



              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Can't make calls

                Hey there jschmutz.


                Our roaming partner is Digicel and there's not a special SIM you need to use in order to connect to that provider. As long as you have a T-Mobile SIM card that fits that phone, you should be fine. Keep in mind, our T-Mobile plans are designed for primary use in the US. Our plans are great if you're traveling but aren't meant for a permanent stay within a roaming partner's coverage.