Duplicate SIM: Data is throttled on 2nd device


    Hello T-Mobile Digits,


    I normally do not use the tethering on my primary iPhone 6s even though I have it. I use the full unlimited with 7gb hotspot.


    This month I do admit to using my hotspot a bit more on my iPad and MacOS device but nothing that should cause it to hit the 7GB limit. (slack and emails) I turned it off 1.5 weeks ago and still kept getting notifications I was close to hitting my data limit.


    In the last 2 days my second phone, the ZTE Zmax Pro (duplicate SIM) is getting abysmal speeds. I called in to check and the customer service representative confirmed my hotspot speed data is being throttled because I went over my limit. So my assumption here is that the DIGITS device is using the 7Gb hotspot data plan and not my primary phone data unlimited plan?


    I was under the impression that my device did not use hotspot data and used the same unlimited data as my iPhone. My iPhone 6s gets full speeds. Interestingly enough, if I use speedteest's app on the ZTE, it shows 20-60mbps on any T-Mobile tower. If I choose to test against a different tower, it's around 160kbps.


    Can someone help me resolve this? My cycle ends tomorrow and it goes back to normal data use. It would be nice for them to see it before the cycle restarts.





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