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    My Samsung J7 showed 1 bar for signal strength and when I tried to check my balance, my phone could not make a connection. This occured while I visited the Pocono mountain area of Pennsylvania. At home in Pennsylvania, it use to work fine but now it does not.

    I changed some settings and I must have touch something I should not have.

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      • rjlocal22

        Re: Coverage Question

        Disregard the question. After searching the net on this problem, I have determined that I need the T-Mobile 4 G LTE CellSpot. This will increase the signal strength. So after going on T-Mobiles chat, to find how to order, I got bounced around talking to four different people with accents that I could barely understand. Now the fourth person tried to give me the factory phone number to order. That"s when I said enough is enough and hung up.

        If I had called the nearby T-mobile stores, I would have saved myself all that aggravation and found one who has them in stock.

          • rjlocal22

            Re: Coverage Question

            So I went to this store and gave them my account information. Then they told me I do not qualify to receive the signal booster with my existing plan (pay as you go). I would have to sign up for a higher rate plan. in order to receive the signal booster. I declined because I make very few calls and receive few calls.

            TRANSLATION; T-Mobile does not make enough money off of me to receive this device.

            But what the clerk did not tell me was once I signed up for the higher rate plan, I would not be allowed to go back to the pay as you go plan. That information is listed under their terms and conditions.

            It appears T-Mobile does not care if they lose customers like me. Well I do not like doing business with companies with tough terms and conditions. I am searching for my options and will kiss this company goodby.