DIGITS Beta more review


    tmo_chris So some more review for the DIGITS. These reviews are from 2 weird experiments I did just to stress the system and to know how seamless the experience is.


    Scenario 1: Changing Digits number (One device multiple number case)

    I called the DIGITS helpline number and told them to reassign me a virtual number starting with area code 512 replacing my original virtual number starting with 317. I was expecting some glitch as my virtual number was already active in Galaxy S6. To my utter surprise, in 5 6 minutes the tech support agent changed the number and confirmed the number changed was successful He asked me to logout and re-login into the Multi-line settings of Galaxy S6 to get the new number and to add it to me via My TMobile. I followed that and voila. It worked. So, the process of changing the virtual number looks glitch free to me.


    Scenario 2: Using DIGITS app over WiFi on Nexus 6 (running 7.1.1) and Nexus 5 (running 6.0.1) stock android from Google's official web page


    Selective activation of Primary Line and Virtual line was glitch free and easy once I was logged into the app. But after the update of 27th Jan, DIGITS app became sluggish and was causing false login issues. It locked me out at one point and I had to request TMobile Twitter support to unlock my account. Call quality over wifi was great, messages were delivered and received correctly to both TMobile and Non-TMobile numbers. Syncing of call logs and messages with my primary Galaxy S6 was seamless and effortless. Call transfer across device was glitch free. In Nexus 6 using Android 7.1.1, the app was getting stuck/hung sometime. Maybe its not properly optimized for Nougat yet. Tech support may have a look into it. I cannot comment on voicemails as my line has voicemails deactivated permanently. One feature that bothered me is that if I keep the app idle for more than an hour or so, the lines become inactive which sometime was causing delay in receiving texts / dropping calls. They were coming properly to my primary device Galaxy S6. I am not sure if it was due to power / battery optimization or due to something else.


    Other than that, I am pretty ok with DIGITS so far. Great service from TMobile. Keep it up. I just hope they keep the price reasonable especially for one device multiple numbers.


    DISCLAIMER: The analysis is based on my experience and may vary from person to person and on different usage scenario. Please take my analysis for reference purpose and do not take it in its absolute form.

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