I saw a couple days ago that the htc 10, htc m9, lg g5, lg pad x 8.0, galaxy s7 and s7 edge all go into 7.0 nougat testing but now i see the only 2 still in testing are the Galaxy devices, why is that?

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      • tmo_marissa

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        Hey fluffymuffins!  The devices you mentioned have Nougat testing completed and are being rolled out OTA.  To be honest, with the flurry of activity to prep for our upcoming site makeover, our updates page had fallen a bit behind on... updates.  If you take a peek at the software pages for the  LG G5, HTC 10,  and HTC One M9, you can see based on the dates that these Nougat updates were completed earlier this month (as always, they roll in batches, so if you or someone you know are waiting, no worries).  We regret that they didn't move out of the updates page sooner, I can see how that creates a notion that testing takes a very short time, which isn't necessarily the case - I'm sorry for the bad experience there.   I know that the S7 and S7edge are highly anticipated, and we hope testing will be complete for these devices soon - while we don't have a date to provide, you're definitely monitoring the right space.  Thank you for staying on top of it, we definitely apologize for the inconvenience.


        - Marissa