How to log in my T-mobile account and pay for bills after it has been closed?




    I has been in the US for last four months and I have returned home and closed my T-mobile account and my number is no longer working. Now I want to know how can I pay for my last bill which beginning from the middle of last December till January(I always had my bill in the middle of the month and I closed my account on Jan.1st). There is no email in my inbox to tell me to pay it (I once asked people at T-mobile store and they told me I would receive a invoice email but I have never received it). Now I can not log on to my original T-mobile account because the phone number is not working. I haven't got my $110 deposit back and I would like to know how to pay for my last bill.


    Can someone tell me how to contact customer service? I am no longer in the state so I can not telephone them. My email is which I always receive my T-mobile bill email in. My previous phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.


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        Hello lucienlu, and thank you so much for reaching out regarding this matter.  I'm sorry to say that your MyT-Mobile account is closed when your line is canceled, so online billing or payment will not be an option.  Your final or revised final bill will be mailed to the mailing address was last associated with your account.  Depending on the final balance due, a deposit is returned to the account to cover that amount first - but any remainder is definitely something we'd want to work with you to return.  The Support Community is a user forum, so moderators here aren't able to access individual accounts, but we do have a few ways you can reach out for assistance so that we can go over any balance owed or credit remaining with you!  Internationally, you are still able to call us at +1-505-998-3793, however, this will incur long distance or international charges if dialed from anything other than a phone with an active T-Mobile SIM.  If you prefer, you can also contact our excellent T-Force team through Facebook or Twitter - through those social media channels we are able to take your account information and PIN or password to verify your account, and we can review the final balance with you and determine any next steps necessary.  Thank you again, and I hope you had a safe journey!


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