I am wondering if anyone is having issue with I-phone 7 promotion T-mobile ran in Sept.


    I traded in 3 phones. 2 Iphone 6 and 1 Iphone 5. They started credit for Iphone 5 but did not start giving me monthly credit for 2 Iphone 6. Initially I was told I had "Find my Iphone" left "On" on both phones. Then after 2 weeks of back and forth and after me getting case# from Apple showing them that "Find my Iphone" is off, without admitting their mistake they gave me full credit for one Iphone 6.


    For second Iphone, I did have "Find my Iphone" left on. We received message and email.  We called and had resolved it in timely fashion (Oct). We have call log to prove that. Twice then after we had called to confirm and each time we were told we should expect credit in 30 days. Now customer service (& Customer Retention) is using one of our later calls as an excuse to not provide us credit. For 2 months they kept telling us that monthly credit will start soon. But now they are giving excuse. I have case# from Apple on this phone as well. They confirmed that "Find my Iphone" has been off ever since.


    So now, T-mobile has the phone without activation lock, will not give me credit, and will not return me the phone either. The fact that they gave me credit for other phone without admitting guilt clearly shows how badly they are handling their trade-ins. Now they see the opportunity to get 2 phones for $650, so I feel they are engaging in bad business practice.


    This is absolutely BAIT and SWITCH and cheating on behalf of T-mobile. I have ample proofs to make my case but they would just honor their commitment.


    I am all set to switch back to AT&T (or Verizon). But before I do that, as last ditch effort, I am wondering if anyone has encountered similar situation and knows of specific group within T-Mobile that can re-review the case. Else adios T-Mobile.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: BAIT & SWITCH

        Ouch, mhb_boy, all of the back and forth you've cataloged sounds like a tremendous amount of effort.  I understand that the value of this phone, especially with the promotional offer, is worth it, but it really seems like you've been through quite a bit.  We don't want to see you go, especially after all the trouble it sounds like you've gone to in order to make your device eligible for Trade-In. 

        Since the Support Community is a user forum, moderators here don't have access to individual accounts, so we're not able to review the notes ourselves and see what needs to be done to remedy this.  To me, it seems like this is a matter of simply reviewing the notes on your account to confirm what actions were taken to remove FMIP/Activation Lock from your device and when, and then forwarding that information to the appropriate team for review and resolution.  It's my understanding that monthly credit promotion escalations are sent to an offline team through Customer Care.  That said, after the experience you're describing, I can appreciate that you may be looking for an alternative channel of contact.  If you're interested in online support, I'd suggest reaching out to our T-Force team.  When contacted through Facebook or Twitter, we have a method to securely verify your account online and can review all account notes to see what needs to be done here.  Bonuses for interacting in that channel: all messages will be in the same thread, so you won't have to restate your issue, and once you've PMed/DMed T-Force and have verified your account, you can copy and paste what you've already gone to the trouble to type up here so you don't have to explain this again.  Thank you for giving us one more shot to take a look at this, I hope we can make it right!


        - Marissa