Still struggling with PC portion & my experiences thusfar


    I understand that there is supposed to be a megathread about this coming soon but I wanted to know if I am in the minority or majority of people that can't login to the web clients on a PC even though I am currently using a duplicate sim and Digits is on my account. I am using the same number feature and have tried to register my PC a few times and got V1.1.0 of the desktop application but I keep getting the same 'Not Eligible' message. For the digits app on my primary android device and secondary devices, I have logged into the app using the text approval method and not my TMobile ID per say - I haven't tried the multiple numbers side of the beta and am not sure if I can use both at the same time - but I wouldn't think it would matter on a PC. It would seem others can get into all programs related to this beta so maybe I am just doing something wrong.


    However, I'll add that Digits is certainty handy when it works for me. On my 530 (main/primary), I occasionally have to cycle my cellular radio and/or reactivate the line in the app because my friends won't be able to send me messages as if my number didn't exist; they bounce back. I also cannot use VoLTE or Wifi Calling or nothing will come through, and as highlighted in another thread, it would seem Digits has a very limited routing capability when not on cellular data.On my M8 with the DSIM, I cannot login to the MyTmobile app with my TMOID because the SIM doesn't have an set E911 address yet I don't see how I can set it online. Becuase the app wants me to create a new TMOID (even though the DSIM is attached and is shown in my account) I cannot access MYTMO on that device. I don't know if that is even fixable because it doesn't seem like the SIM can understand what is supposed to happen and wants to behave like a brand new SIM instead of a duplicate. Digits does work on the device but I can't use VoLTE or Wifi Calling on it either; I wish that could be fixed because the call quality is absolute garbage and I have resorted to using hangouts for VOIP calls.


    One othe big problem I just remembered is that incoming MMS is blocked along with the occasional SMS all together but no MMS can seem to get through to either device with DIGITS active. I can send whatever I want through DIGITS or through my messaging apps but my friends can't send my anything.


    Devices being used, W8.1 + FireFox (doesn't work), HTC Desire 530 (Android 6.0, Primary SIM), HTC M8 (Android 5.1, Duplicate SIM), Nexus 7 (Android 6.0, WIFI only)

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      • officermagenta

        Quick update, I completely glossed over the ability to fix my E911 addresses through the web client for MyTMO. I will be testing VoLTE, WC, and the Digits Data settings to see if I can get MMS to work again. As of right now, I am still missing messages but will have to see how my DSIM device handles throughout the day tomorrow.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi officermagenta!  This thread popped back up today as we were reviewing older posts.  I know I already passed along some answers for the login issues in our PM, but for transparency's sake in case there are any other users experiencing the same thing, I want to clarify what we heard back -

          -   Right now the validation system can’t handle some special characters, such as “+”, in an email address, which is causing issues with a login when those characters are included in a TMO ID.  We’re working to fix that issue, but don’t have timing for it yet.

          -   In the meantime, if you want to change your TMO ID, you can change it on in the profile section.  However, if you do that, you'll need to also go back to the registration site for DIGITS and login and select to use 1 number on multiple devices and select something like on a PC so that your TMO ID becomes whitelisted for use.

          Regarding the messaging issues - have those gotten any better?  If not, I'd still love to grab some details from you in that private message thread and get a bug report filed for you!

          - Marissa